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6 Classic and Trendy Look For Summer Fashion



6 Classic and Trendy Look For Summer Fashion

We are in the middle of men’s fashion season: the fashion shows turn out daily trends for the next cold season. While the models crowd the streets to run from one casting to another with their off-duty outfits, influencers block traffic to allow street style photographers to make the perfect shot to post on social media. And then there are them: fathers, boyfriends, grandchildren who never know how to dress and panic only to hear the word “shopping”. Of course, they are not the only ones.

Because next to the men, that we all know well there are those who care about their look and are always in step with the latest trends. The good news is that spring offers new ideas for a style that will satisfy all categories of contemporary man. Forget the complex layers of garments, the eccentric outfits to the limits of wearability, the use, and abuse of logos and prints: the warm season that will come for him is characterized by simplicity.

Here are 5 ideas “to steal” from the most popular males sighted in the streets of fashion weeks, from Olivia Palermo’s husband Johannes Huebl to model and actor Hu Bing, from Instagram Marc Forné to journalist  Jack Guinness.

1. The Kilt

The kilt is a traditional dress of Scotland. It is like a skirt made by a special fabric called Tartan having multi colors. But now a day it has become a symbol of fashion in modern trends. It has the shape of the skirt and the length of shorts but the sexiest from both.

It is equally popular in men and women yet it is the dress of men and hence, among the no 1 trends in fashion streets. The best US kilts online have already revolutionized the trends regarding the magical outlook. It has become so popular and trendy at the same time that a large variety is available online stock.

2. Retro Dandy


The 1960s have never been so popular. And the dandy look with them is back in the limelight, in the male wardrobe as in the feminine one, covered with an irresistible (and wearable) retro patina. More Gregory Peck than David Bowie, in short: the new gentlemen for spring 2019 wear double-breasted blazers with golden buttons, aged leather Oxford shoes, but also large pants with neutral colors like white and beige and maxi linen shirts. To be combined with classic accessories, such as braided belts and pocket handkerchiefs!

3. Trench + Jeans

Trench + Jeans

The combo formed by the timeless honey-colored raincoat and blue canvas trousers is back in fashion for spring 2019. A classic men’s look that becomes trendy thanks to some stylish details: jeans in stretch denim roll up and they are worn with ankle boots with a square toe, while the trench is worn at the waist.

The casual but refined outfit par excellence? Khaki overcoat, t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers! Try it in good weather, for all ages.

4. The Colored Dress

The Colored Dress

The traditional suit jacket and trousers for spring 2019 becomes multicolored. The colors! They range from the pastel nuances of blue and coral (as said Pantone) to bright colors, such as emerald green and electric blue. See not only in street style shots but also on the catwalk at Dior Homme, Versace and Maison Margiela. Cutting? Slim fit! The jacket! Double-breasted or two-button, with the second always unfastened! Wear it on a mandarin-colored shirt or on a t-shirt in neutral tones.

5. The Scarf around the Neck

The Scarf around the Neck

Undisputed must have of the everyday look of Frank Sinatra. Today the scarf is once again an accessory symbol of male elegance. And it becomes even easier to wear, thanks to the precious suggestions of street styles. The small silk drape for spring 2019 is worn with nonchalance, combined not only with classic garments but also on soft shirts with an oversize effect, in vintage colors or marked by tie-dye workings.

Bandana or lozenge, printed with Paisley pattern, logo or plain color. A vintage touch that enhances even the simplest outfits!

6. Cargo Mania

Among the most popular trends of spring 2019 (also on the runways: just think of the men’s fashion shows by Alexander McQueen, Prada and Louis Vuitton) the cargo style is the simplest to replicate. Work clothing becomes the main inspiration for the most casual male outfits, ideal for weekends and leisure time.

Sneakers with a sole that reminds of safety shoes are enough, a jacket characterized by maxi (and useful) pockets or even a pair of jeans with a wide leg with micro paint applications. To mix with simple and clean pieces, for classic and trendy men’s look.

Final Verdict

This is our list of the classic as well as the trendy styles for men to shine in the coming summer. By having the above-mentioned combinations will offer you the most elegant looks in the fashion circle. Try these outfits to make the summer the best of your season in the book of style.