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7 Gift Ideas for Any Occasion



7 Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Gift ideas are hard to come up with mostly because they all seem unoriginal and inadequate at the time. You want something that will make the person happy, but you have no idea where to start. It’s like when someone asks you what your favorite movie is, and suddenly you can’t remember any movie you’ve ever watched. Thankfully, the internet has come to your rescue. One of the best gifts to your loved ones will be Magic the Gathering Proxy Cards to higher the value of their collection. These seven gift ideas will be useful for any occasion.

1. A waterproof speaker

There are two types of people: those who love to jam out and sing in the shower and liars. Whichever group your friend might fit into, they’ll benefit from a waterproof speaker greatly. They can easily install it in their shower, connect it to their phone via Bluetooth and enjoy a shower jam session like never before.

This can also prove to be a useful present for those who have a pool. You’ll all get to enjoy some fun in the water with your favorite tunes in the background, without worrying anything will happen to the speaker. Another great thing about speakers like these is that they can be used to take hands-free calls, allowing your friend to stay on top of things even when showering.


2. A purse hanger

Hanging your purse when you’re not at home is not always so easy. There are hardly any hooks in public spaces, so you have to choose between putting the bag in your lap or leaving it on the floor. Both are unhygienic and inconvenient.

With a purse hanger, this won’t be an issue any longer. They’ll even be able to put it on their desk at work and keep the purse close without compromising space all day.


3. An instant pot

We all know how boring and annoying cooking can be. With an instant pot, you’ll be giving your friend the ability to cook a healthy dinner in three easy steps. They won’t have to frown upon the thought of cooking after a long workday any longer.

Choose the model with sever functions and you’ll be giving them even more dinner options.


4. A Sleep Sound Machine

Sleep sound machines are usually expensive and a hassle to move around- but not when they’re tiny. If the person you’re shopping for has trouble sleeping but likes to travel, this is the perfect gift. They’ll finally be able to get some shuteye even when they’re not in their own bed. The machine can be used at home, too, of course, so it’s useful on all fronts.

Another good thing is that it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. This means that the person has the opportunity to dance to their favorite tunes whenever they want. It’ll make getting ready for anything much more fun, as well as being perfect for small get-togethers where you just want a little something in the background.


5. A handbag light

If you’ve ever had a handbag with you, you know how messy they can be. It’s so dark and there’s a ton of stuff inside, so finding what you need right away is borderline impossible. At some point, you begin to wonder what the point of a handbag even is when you can never find anything you need. With a handbag light, that won’t be a problem anymore.

The person can simply put the light inside the bag and it will light up automatically whenever they open it. This way, they’ll see exactly what they’re looking for and won’t have to spend ages rummaging through the bag.


6. A massager

A multifunctional neck massager is a perfect gift for anyone today. After all, we all work long hours and have so many things to take care of during the day. That means that a lot of stress and tension is accumulated in our neck and shoulders. What’s better than relaxing at home after a long day with a good massager?

The person who receives this gift will forever be thankful as the tension from these sensitive areas will be forever gone. Whether it’s for a female or male, an older or younger person, they’ll surely benefit from it. Stress affects us all, doesn’t it?


7. A tub caddy

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bubble bath every now and again? Of course, it’s not so relaxing when you can’t read, eat, or watch your shows without the fear of your things getting wet. With a bamboo tub caddy, this won’t be a problem anymore. The person can securely with all their belongings on the caddy and enjoy an evening of relaxation.

Most caddies have designated spaces for tablets or books, and mobile phones. As well as that, there are places where the person could place their snacks and even a drink.



Whatever gift you decide to buy, you’ll be gifting something practical and useful. The occasion doesn’t matter, as the person will always get to use your gift. They’ll surely remember you by it, too. What makes a gift great is the practicality and functionality it offers. Nobody likes receiving something they can use only once, destined to collect dust and waste space in the closet for the rest of times.

Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.