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7 Ways to Stay Productive Throughout the Holidays



7 Ways to Stay Productive Throughout the Holidays

While the holidays this year may seem a bit off, they are still that time of the year when we can relax and enjoy some quality time spent with family and friends.

We may need to meet less people than normally, but that shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying our well-deserved time off.

It is a well-known fact that holidays tend to make people forget all about the tasks just around the corner, so let’s keep in mind that even when we’re relaxing, we can still maintain a healthy mindset that will help us stay productive.

Let’s see how to achieve this.


1. You Have More Time – Use It to Your Advantage

For many regular 9-5 workers, holidays mean they can sleep longer. However, they also mean that the mornings are free, so use them well.

We’re not saying to use that time to work. Rather, perform meaningful actions that don’t equal procrastination. Unfortunately, it is the disaster of our times that occupational burnout has become habitual, so many people can’t wait to get some time off to do – nothing!

But, an example of activities to perform in the morning may include washing dishes, preparing breakfast, reading a book, working out, etc.


2. Don’t Check Your Inbox Obsessively

Checking incoming emails is one of the greatest – if not the very greatest – time-consuming activities. We are all so hooked on obsessively checking every new message that we often forget that every interruption costs us precious time to get back on the previous task.

Therefore, turn off your email notifications during the holidays (at least). To ensure that you’re not missing out on anything, set two-time slots to check your inbox, optimally once in the morning and once in the evening.  


3. Enjoy Your Meaningful Time Off

We’d argue that the word “meaningful” is crucial in this matter. Because holidays provide us with lots of precious leisure time, we can dedicate some of it to enjoy the activities we normally don’t have enough time to on a regular basis.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should start taking online cooking lessons (or whatever course you’re interested in). Rather, it means that you should make a schedule of activities you’d like to participate in during the holidays and enjoy them to the fullest.

If you’re an avid reader, for example, you may allocate more time to enjoy the books you didn’t have enough time to properly enjoy. The point is that you don’t confuse relaxation with procrastination. As we all know, with the development of new technologies, it’s way too easy to waste time reading through click baits and going through social media newsfeed obsessively. In the end, it all amounts to nothing, except for additional time wasted.


4. Make a Schedule

To be able to enjoy all the activities you have planned for the holidays, the best idea is to make a schedule. It doesn’t have to be strict like a business schedule, but it should certainly encompass time slots for each activity.

Similarly to checking emails, you should limit the time spent on each activity. Ten more minutes aren’t a big deal, but an hour more per each activity is another matter entirely.

Make certain to include ALL activities: leisure time, workout time, and job time. If you’re a workaholic, don’t skip on breaks! And don’t cheat!


5. Make Reminders

If you have a big family or a list of important business associates, you’re familiar with the horrors of to-do lists. From sending holiday cards to Christmas shopping, there are just too many activities to keep track of.

However, keep in mind that holidays are for relaxation. Rather than going through a strict schedule, make reminders. Thus, you won’t forget anything but you won’t be hard-pressed for time.


6. Work Out Regularly

Whichever workout routine you prefer, don’t forget all about it during the holidays. There is no general advice in this regard as different people prefer different regimens, but the point is to not get lazy.

A relaxed routine is just fine, but don’t skip on it. Everyone can allocate half an hour every day during the holidays without other activities having to suffer for it.

Not to dive too deeply into the link between exercise and mental health, we’ll just add that you should find a measure that makes you relaxed and happy.

Holidays are, after all, that time of the year when it’s okay to eat as much as we want. Still, remember that this attitude can serve as an excuse to waste time left and right, which won’t make you happy in the end. At least some dose if control is recommended.


7. Keep Track of Year-End Assignments

In addition to holidays, the end of the year also spells a couple of other less pleasant commitments. One of them are the year-end taxes and the other – job assignments just around the corner.

Similar to the daily schedule and reminders, you should make certain to plan these ahead. Make at least a draft of the upcoming tasks, not forgetting to set realistic time-limits for them.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions (which are often counterproductive and cumbersome), stick to your plans for the foreseeable future. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our attitude towards many things, so maybe you have some dramatic job-related plans for the next year?



Holidays are what they have always been – the time to relax and enjoy some well-deserved rest. This year, they are also a reminder that things can turn upside down at any given moment, meaning there are some profound conclusions to be applied in the future.  

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach suitable for everyone, in general, we all should find a healthy measure of merriment and obligations. As long as you don’t waste whole days on end on binge-watching TV shows, anything goes really.

Angela Ash is a professional content writer and editor, with a myriad of experience in all forms of content management, SEO, proofreading, outreach, and social media. She currently works with a boutique agency that offers in-depth SEO analysis, custom SEO strategies, and implementation.