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8 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged and Motivated



Keeping your employees engaged and motivated can reduce staffing turnover, raise productivity, and improve the overall working environment. You’ll want to keep your employees engaged in their work, but it can be challenging to know where to start.

You’ll want to learn these eight ways to keep your employees engaged and motivated. You’ll notice a massive difference at your workplace when you do. Let’s begin!

1. Recognize Your Employees’ Efforts

First, you must do your best to recognize your employees’ efforts. They’ll feel appreciated and try harder when they know you’ll realize what they do. There are several ways that you can do this too.


Offering thank-you cards, small gifts, and congratulations to employees who go above and beyond is a great place to start. You can also implement Employee of the Month programs to keep your team members feeling appreciated.


Vocalizing your employee appreciation in front of others is essential since doing so will make them feel recognized at work.


You don’t want to let your employees’ hard work go unrecognized. If it happens often, they’ll eventually lose motivation and give up since they don’t feel like you appreciate them.

2. Provide More Communication

Next, you want to ensure your employees know they can talk with you and their coworkers. With more open communication, your employees won’t feel frustrated if they get stuck. Instead, they’ll speak with you or others, allowing them to learn, grow, and perform their daily tasks better.


Communication also makes it easier to determine what barriers your employees face in their work and what keeps them motivated. Without talking to them frequently, you wouldn’t know what changes work best for your employees. 


Plus, your employees will know they can come to their management team for help instead of losing their motivation if they encounter problems. There are several ways to increase open communication at work, but you’ll want to watch how your employees respond to your methods and adjust.

3. Offer Plenty of Resources

Providing your team with everything they need to thrive will keep them more engaged. They’ll have all the tools they need to complete their daily tasks and large projects, which keeps them engaged. It’s easy to lose motivation when you must hunt down everything to finish something important.


Your employees likely need to use various materials during the day, including various programs and tools. That means offering them knowledge and training to finish their job well too. 


Determining what resources your team needs requires you to be a proactive manager. You’ll need to decide what your employees need daily since their task requirements can change over time.

4. Offer Feedback to Employees

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Your employees also need regular feedback, so they know how they’re doing at work. Without feedback, they can feel lost and lose motivation quickly. Constructive and positive feedback is best because it encourages your team to give their best effort daily.


Feedback is best given in person since we can easily misinterpret written messages. If your employee is fully remote, then you’ll want to try to set up a digital meeting with them.


Overall, you should ensure you offer plenty of feedback to employees. Let them know when they’re doing great and what they can improve.

5. Familiarize Yourself With Their Skills

You should also take time to familiarize yourself with your employees’ skills. Everyone’s better at something different and has their own strengths. Your employees will feel more motivated and engaged when you align their work with their interests and skills.


Your employees will become frustrated if you can’t recognize their skills. They’ll receive tasks that might be out of their skillset, causing them to feel constantly stressed. You can see their strengths by spending more time with your team.


Of course, you can encourage your team to learn new skills and step out of their comfort zone sometimes, but you’ll need to make sure you provide them with enough resources to feel confident to do so.

6. Offer More Flexible Work Schedules

We’re all different from one another; not everyone will be motivated during the day. Some prefer to work in the morning, while others feel more engaged at night. Allowing your workers to have more flexible working schedules encourages them to work when they feel the most motivated.


You can offer more remote time, compressed work weeks, or let your employees choose their hours. Making these changes at first can be difficult, but your employees will thrive, so it’s worth investing in.


Speak with your staff and see what they think will work best for them.

7. Have More Group Events

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You can even offer more group events at your workplace to encourage motivation and boost morale. General get-togethers like parties and lunch outings allow your team to relax and enjoy socializing during the work day. It can help break up long hours, which gives your employees more energy.


Plus, group events encourage your team to bond, enhancing productivity and building a stronger working environment and culture.


The number of group events you can host is limitless, so why not try it out?

8. Offer More Chances To Make a Difference

Employees feel much more engaged when they know they’re making a difference. You’ll want to keep open communication to determine what’s most important to them and what issues they care about. Then, give them more opportunities to work on solving those problems.


What do your employees consider meaningful work? You’ll want to find out and make more chances to provide it to those most interested. Those employees will be much more engaged in what they do.

Stay Motivated Too!

Lastly, you’ll want to stay motivated. When management is more energetic and engaged, the rest of the team notices. They’ll enjoy their work more and be more motivated.


In short, there are plenty of ways to keep your employees engaged and motivated! The more methods you use, your team will likely remain productive and happy each day.