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9 Clever Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier



9 Clever Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

People like to collect things. Some of them are necessary for everyday life, but others are just there to make us happy and tell a story of our lives. However, no matter their purpose, these things tend to take up a lot of space in your home and so they need to be well organized.

Decluttering a home is never an easy task, especially if you have more things than space to store them. However, no matter how small your home is, there are numerous clever storage ideas that will make your life easier. So, if you are looking for ways to make your home efficient and organized, here are some ways to do it.    


  • Use removable inserts to organize your drawers


You probably already heard a myth about that one drawer in the house holding a lot of unnecessary things and looking messy. Well, in reality, most of the drawers turn to a chaotic accumulation of things and soon enough you can’t find what you need. Removable inserts are one of the best ways to keep your drawers organized and neat, no matter if they store socks or batteries.

There is a wide range of pre-made options although you can easily create these removable dividers by yourself and tailor it perfectly to your needs. And the best part is that you can use all sorts of materials, from wood to cardboard depending on your budget and skill.

drawers storage ideas


  • Hang a closet rack in the corner


If after decluttering, you are still left with little space in your closet for all of your clothes, you have to try some alternative solutions. Hangers that can hold multiple pieces of clothes are practical but they can easily get your things wrinkled and not so easy to reach. However, mounting a shelf in the corner and hanging a pole beneath it will give you enough room to hang some of your wardrobes.

Moreover, space on the shelf and under the clothes is also ideal for storage so you will get plenty of room for other things. For example, you can use the space underneath to install a wall shoe rack or keep boxes with hats and other accessories.  


  • Buy multipurpose furniture


Multipurpose furniture is one of the trendiest ways to furnish a small apartment, but its popularity doesn’t end there. Basically, any type of space can benefit from multipurpose furniture since it offers control over the things you have and a lot more space to store them. Although classics like a sofa with storage space underneath or coffee table with shelves are always fashionable, there is more creativity to this type of furniture.  

So, a stairwell with steps serving to store books underneath the boards at the same time or using sliding shelves as doors is also among clever storage ideas. This way, you will always have a neatly organized space without allowing things to overpower the freedom and spaciousness of your home. There are many ways you can make more space in your home. If you need some things but you don’t use them regularly as an extra bed for guests or exercise machines, you can always store them with professional companies. Check the removal quotes online and find the best storage options.



  • Create storage space over the toilet


The bathroom can easily suffer from lack of space and you will have to come up with creative storage ideas. Although you may be tempted to place cabinets all over the walls, it will actually make the room smaller and so you need to pay attention where you install them. Storage potential of over the toilet space is easily neglected since cabinet may be too bulky to fit there.

However, installing a few shelves will give you more than enough room to store toilet paper, cleaning products and maybe some appliances like a hairdryer. If you really don’t have any room to mount cabinets, this type of storage will give you enough space for towels and other toiletries. Also, it is a practical way to keep all the chemicals out of the reach of your children and pets, but close by when you need them.


  • Install hanging organizer in your pantry


Pantry is by definition a storage unit in your home, but it also requires some creative additions to stay orderly and neat. A hanging organizer installed on the doors will keep all your favorite things close and easy to reach. Also, this is a great way to separate chemicals from food in your pantry, just make sure not to put too much weight on the door and keep the products sealed.

The pantry door is another great storage possibility to hang pots and pans, especially in small kitchens. You may not be able to fit them all, but it will help you keep your kitchen and cooking area clean and efficient.

bed storage


  • Adapt your bed for storing things


Bedroom tends to be the place where most of the things end up since it’s far away from prying eyes of your guests. However, this is also the room where you come to rest and expect to feel comfortable so it should give you space to just that. One of the ways to organize the things here is to adapt your bed so it can store items other than linens.

Add drawers underneath your bed or buy storage boxes that can serve as ones so you can easily store seasonal clothes and free your closet. A headboard that you can pull out on both sides will be an ideal place to store books or other items you like close to your bed like hand cream and tissues.


  • Place a laundry hamper on the back of the door


Somehow, even with the laundry room, all your clothes end up around the room and you spend a lot of time picking it up and feeling annoyed. While having a laundry hamper in the bedroom or bathroom helps, it also takes up space. However, if you place a laundry hamper on the back of the door you will easily throw in the dirty clothes and take it to the washer later.

Furthermore, you can hang it on your closet door instead if you like to keep your bedroom door open all the time. The hampers come in various sizes so you will easily find a perfect one for your room which will also serve as a perfect reminder when it’s full to wash the laundry.  


  • Incorporate over-the-door shoe rack into your closet


Once you declutter your closet and free up space permanently, consider how you can use it to the maximum. Besides the hangers for clothes, think about installing the over-the-door shoe rack that will keep your footwear neatly organized. This is an excellent solution if you want to save the space in your closet, as well, especially in small homes.

On average, around 30 pairs of shoes can feet on the door, depending on their size and type. Even if that is not enough, you will still get a certain amount of free space inside your closet and keep your shoes in good shape.



  • Build a shelf in every corner


Instead of moving furniture to occupy all corners, leave some room to build a top-to-bottom shelf that will be ideal for storing books and plants. Shelves are the first thing that comes to mind when people consider storage in their homes and over the years they witnessed some interesting solutions. However, if you install them on every free surface, space can easily get overcrowded and cluttered.

The corner shelf is perfect for small homes since it can also serve as a coffee table is close to the sofa or to mount the lamp by the bed. Choose a material that goes well with the rest of décor or paint the shelves in the same color as walls to camouflage it and expand the space. This was it will appear as though your things are floating and give an interesting design note to the room.


Since clutter is a common cause of stress, using clever storage ideas to organize your space will definitely make your life easier. In the end, it’s all about finding the right solution that will fit your needs and your space perfectly without causing more clutter and chaos.

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