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9 Fears in Traveling that Hinder Us from Having Fun




The fear of traveling has an equal medical term, which is known as “hodophobia.” This phobia displays in so many ways – hesitant in traveling to new places or failure to leave home once in a while. However, this phobia has a solution if you just keep an open mind.

Think about it: if you’re dreaming of traveling around the world, how will you do it if you’re too afraid of so many things? You’re scared of things that can be solved. Keep in mind that traveling makes you braver without knowing it. You’re able to be flexible and it makes you happy in a lot of ways.

So, what are the things that keep you from traveling? Below are fears that you have and they’re irrational sometimes:

Language barrier

If you’re an English speaker, you won’t have a problem talking and mingling with foreigners in other countries. English is the world’s “lingua franca” and you’re lucky to be able to speak the universal language. However, there are some places where English is not really the language they speak. But one thing you can do is offer a smile to strangers in other countries. Smile also means “thank you” or “please”. Polite gestures when traveling will definitely make your stay wonderful.

Leaving your comfort zone – home

There are travelers who are worrier – thinking that things back at home won’t be the same while they’re on vacation. This rings true to travelers who have stressful jobs or they are always on call as well as those who have pets and no one will take care of them. Sure, there will be someone else who can take of things at home including the pets but it’s too difficult for travelers who are a worrier.

If you’re a worrier as a traveler, overcome this by focusing on the positive side of your travel. Think about this: the place you’re going to visit is your dream vacation or you’re going to travel with your best friends for life. You will learn something new when you get back home and you’ll be glad you took the trip.

Fear of the unknown

This fear came from anxiety and doubt, having too many fearful questions in mind. Usually, these questions are in rapid-fire succession without knowing the answers right away.

Getting lost in a strange place

Do you get the feeling of being out of place when you’re in a new place? A lot of people do, especially travelers who frequently visit places they’ve never been to. However, this is always part of the joy in traveling. Visiting new places is always magical even though you don’t really don’t know a lot. At this age of internet and data connection, there’s always Google Maps you can access right away in your phone, tablet, or laptop. If you want to go traditional, you can get a printed map or ask for directions from the locals.

Short on money/funds

Money is always one of the things that make travelers worry about. Even if you plan out everything, there are always unexpected things that you’ll encounter. What you can do counter this is doing thorough research. Find out the cost of your trip from travel blogs and websites or friends who have been to the place you plan to visit. Ensure that you have included in your budget the transportation fees, hotel room, food, guide, and other things you think of. Once you have an estimated budget for your trip, make sure you add more like 20 percent of the overall budget. It’s a cushion that will cover any unexpected expenses.

Fear of flying

Fear of flying is referred to as flying phobia, flight phobia, or for a more technical term, aviophobia (also known as a fear of flight). This fear is irrational but you can overcome it by preparation and logical thinking. With the new technology and security measures in aviation these days, there aren’t a lot of chances to go wrong when you fly. You can also avoid the uncomfortable feeling by taking sleeping pills to help you sleep like a baby. If you can’t overcome the fear of flying, you can always travel on land but not all destinations are possible for land travel.

Picky eater

If you’re a picky eater, you can find food that is not strange to your taste palette, unless you’re traveling in a secluded area like Amazon. If you can’t find food that you’re comfortable to eat, bring some yogurt and fruit. To enjoy more your travel, only eat what you’re comfortable with. You can research the restaurants and cafes in advance so it won’t be a problem when you’re in the new place.

Running into pickpockets and thieves

Pickpockets and thieves are not exclusive in your area. They can be found as well in other countries and cities around the world. We have heard a lot of horror stories about travelers who encountered and got unlucky with pickpockets and some thieves. They mostly target tourists like you who has money, camera, credit cards, and other valuable things. The worst thing is they can also get your passport without knowing it. However, this thing can be avoided by hiding all your valuable items in a belt or pouch. Try blending in with the locals instead of dressing up like a tourist (even if you really are). Don’t make yourself stand out among the crowd.

Fear of traveling alone

Traveling alone sounds exciting as you can prove to yourself that you can be independent too in taking a vacation. People who have gone solo traveling can tell great things about doing it, especially women who are brave enough. But a lot of people are still afraid of traveling alone, just by thinking about it frightens them. They think that if you’re alone, there will be no help available in case you need it. The solution is to try to persuade your best friend to tag along. If that is not possible, rely on technology. With data connection and Wi-Fi, you can connect with your best friend or close friends – they can accompany you through Skype or alike or you can tell them your whereabouts. If you need urgent help, then don’t be afraid to ask help from the locals or police.

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