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A Unique Perfume from Le Bijoux Parfum for Every Type of Woman



Every perfume bottle reflects its owner’s unique and exciting personality. From chic, confident, timid, outgoing, sensual, to fun-loving, Le Bijoux Parfum has the perfect product to compliment every woman’s special characteristic.

Launched in May 2015, company founder Adeline Dorsainvil understood the competitive nature of the online fragrance industry. Armed with a well-developed business plan, an in-depth knowledge of product trademark, and business licensing, she took a leap of faith and penetrated the market.

Her love for perfumes, crystals, and fashion jewelry, even as a young girl, are all captivated in every Le Bijoux Parfum bottle. Swarovski crystal gems in the perfume bottle is one of the company’s defining features. Ouds, on the other hand, is beautifully created with 24k gold. These one-of-a-kind and innovative features have allowed Le Bijoux Parfum to successfully grow itself to impact both men and women.

Each Le Bijoux Parfum variant is carefully formulated to ensure its premium quality. It is also best known to give long-lasting fragrances to its users. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfume that keeps users smelling fresh and confident all day long.

The company name is French in origin. It means the “perfume jewelry.” It has perfectly met the inclination of women whose passion includes perfume and jewelry.

There are four bestsellers in the company’s fragrance line. These standout variants are sought after by women for their extraordinary scents. The Le Bijoux Parfum infused with Swarovski crystals is a captivating citrusy creation perfect for the modern, independent, and confident woman. This floral scent is specially designed for those who prefer a light and flowery fragrance – attractive and pleasing to the senses.

The latest addition to the Le Bijoux Parfum family is Venezia, an irresistible formulation guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Women who intend to stand out and make an impact in every encounter are sure to achieve this with this variety. It suits the fighting spirit of driven and career-oriented women who face work challenges head-on.

The Jezebel Bombshell Oud, on the other hand, is an exotic and seductive masterpiece that is designed to enhance every woman’s sexiness. It highlight’s every woman’s striking features regardless of age, shape, and ethnic origin. Interestingly, this unique variant goes well with any lotion or body spray.

For those who want to exude the fresh and relaxing effect of a bouquet of roses, the Artesian Rose Oud is the item of choice. Its genie lamp inspired packaging creates a magical feel for every user. It is highly recommended for women going to an evening date, a night of fun, and new beginnings.

Even with the wide range of luxurious perfume brands to choose from today, Le Bijoux Parfum remains highly competitive as it continues to offer high-quality perfumes and ouds for men and women alike. Women clients can expect more exciting products in the future that will keep them feeling like queens bravely conquering the world.

To know more about Le Bijoux Parfum’s wide variety of products and how to order them, visit today.

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