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Best forged knives can be a precious gift for extreme professionals



The knife has been the best companion of man since ancient times. It changed its shape along with the passage of time and went from a primitive stone cutter to the finest and most precise tool. At present time you can perform various operations and tasks with the help of knives.  You can find a lot of blades and variety in them. Human life is almost impossible without the help of knives like kitchen knives, pen knives, and hunting knives. Manufacturing methods and used materials in knives are improved day by day. And the fact is that the knives’ blades become stronger, thinner, and sharper. 

Forged knives

Forged knives are normally thicker and heavier than other kitchen knives. These knives are reinforced during the manufacturing process. Forged knives are liked by chefs due to their sharpness and weight during cutting and peeling. A forged knife is designed with a single bar of steel. This bar passes through the intensive process to make a beautiful forge knife. The forging process involved heating and hammering on a single steel rod knife. The result of this process is that forged knives stay sharp longer, are comfortable and balanced in using purpose.

Processing steps of forged knives

Best forged knives are highly in demand due to their sharpness, thickness, edge retention, and weight. For making them unique and high-quality a combination of robotic technology and practical influence is necessary. Some steps of this process are:

  •       Computer design for mold knives.
  •       Cutting steel bars at extremely high temperatures.
  •       Designed the heated steel into shape.
  •       Adjust the hardness of knife steel sheets.
  •       Set the edges to the knife.
  •       Polishing and sharpening the knife.
  •       Get ready a handle with a tag and bolster.
  •       Cleaning and inspecting carefully for the final look.

Best forged knives are more expensive than stamped knives because of skilled labor and the process of modern technology. This process required heating of furnaces to at least 2000 F.

Qualities of forged knives


Between the handle and the blade, a thick metal piece setting is called a bolster. The bolster is set on the forged knives to prevent the fingers from slipping into the blade. Some knives are designed with full or some half bolster. 

Blade thickness

The blades of forged knives are thicker along the column and thinner towards the tip. Its thickness not only makes it stable but also durable. The perfect match of the handle makes it perfect for cutting.


The weight of a forged knife is based on its handle material, blade thickness, and bolster. A lightweight knife makes you feel easy and well-balanced in the hands. While heavy-weight forged knives can be perfect for cutting thick items.

Edge retention

Forged knives have longer and better edge retention than other flexible and softer blades. In the forging process, its blade becomes hard and rigid with extreme heat and temperature. In this way, its cutting edges work for a long period.   

Ease to sharpening

A forged knife is designed with a rigid blade and it can be easily sharpened with manual methods. If you want to use an electric knife sharpener then it is the easiest way to sharpen a forged knife.

Tracker Knife

The tracker knife is an interestingly designed and versatile tool for serious survivalists. It is a multi-purpose tool used for various activities. A tracker knife has a widely curved blade with a big belly and an edge near the handle. It has a complex blade with saw teeth at the end of it. You can say it is a small axe and it works the same. It is modern, complex, and specialized to work as intended. It is the first time used in the movie ‘The Hunt’. After the movie demand for the tracker knife exploded.   

Best uses of tracker knife

A tracker knife is a serious tool that can be used for various tasks. Its blade is designed to do many jobs. The result of this knife will complete the many demanding expectations. Here its uses are listed below.


The forward section of the tracker knife is designed to be a powerful chopping tool. It is used to split logs and gut branches of moderate thickness. It is also possible with the help of a tracker knife to hack through thicker trunks and get through vines.


The tracker knife’s carving blade gives the option to the users to clean, skin, and gut animals after fishing and hunting. Its blade can perform other delicate work of cutting meat. Its sharper edge gives good control to a user for cutting.


The tracker knife’s blade can be used for accurate splitting chores. Two works of splitting are done with it first is chopping split and the other is pounded split. The pounding splitting technique is always better for it. From where the split is desired the blade is fixed on the wood exactly.


A tracker knife’s blade is helpful to score the bone before breaking it. When it works on the bone it breaks along the score-line. It gives a clean break and allows one to cut a score along or around a piece of bone.


The saw blade of the tracker knife is for creating notching. The first notch of the saw blade is deeper than others and can be used for fence breakers. The first notch of the saw can easily break the wire or fence.


The tracker knife’s blade is useful as a hide scraper. It can be used to dry animals’ hides. It can scrape a piece of bow wood to a single growth ring. The curve shape of the tracker knife is perfect for this task.

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