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Bulletproof Your Marriage: Insights from a Forensic Accountant, John Stirling Kinross



John Stirling Kinross is a successful businessman, author, CPA and a forensic accountant whose mission is to help you get a fair hearing in court and to help protect you and your assets. Kinross worked as a CPA and Forensic Accountant who testified in divorce court as an expert witness. He believes that his background as an auditor and a forensic accountant “was good training for unearthing the hidden truths in every divorce case” giving him the knowledge and understanding needed on helping those who are going through this devastating time. Through his experience in investigative reporting, he noticed a pattern in that the partner (mostly the husbands) who earned more money in the marriage often had the upper hand in the divorce. John witnessed women in many cases who “never got their fair share of marital assets, and lost out in alimony and child support.” Kinross wanted to help these women and share his insight which inspired his new book “How Your Husband Screws You In Divorce” or alternatively titled, “How To Bulletproof Your Marriage.” His book serves as a guide to financial equality in marriage while simultaneously empowering women to win what they deserve should they find themselves in the divorce process. John’s alternative objective for the book is to see the 50% divorce rate gradually become reduced, ideally decreased by half within the next five years.

Readers of this book could expect to gather and potentially apply some real life lessons from actual court cases and learn from the mistakes made by others. In the event of a divorce, inevitably a 50% probability, readers will learn to be prepared in case their marriage fails, or learn to protect their marriage even before disaster hits their household. Kinross believes that “it is essential to apply lessons from the book to prevent divorce in the first place.”

His book is being marketed not only to females going through divorce, but also to couples who desire to truly bulletproof their marriage. This book is a helpful “how-to” guide for couples in navigating marital finances and for husbands who want to empower their wives. Kinross is an expert who is on a quest to saving marriages. His favorite biblical quote is “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” He believes that this quote means “that where there is accommodation instead of strife in relations, there will be happy and abundant success. My book is the key to achieving that in marriage.”

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