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Bulletproof Your Marriage with John Stirling Kinross



John Stirling Kinross

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Stirling Kinross, author of How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce. A book to aiding in bulletproofing your marriage from the disasters of divorce.

Give us a bit of a background about yourself.

I’ve been a certified public accountant for 23 years and lived in California for about 20 years. I did accounting jobs for different businesses. After a while, I decided to use my experience and got certified in forensic accounting and I’ve been in court about 100 times before. I handle cases for businesses and divorces. My experienced going through divorce cases and seeing how many women suffered financial losses, it motivated me to take action and help these women. That’s when I decided to write my book.

Tell us about your new book.

After witnessing a lot of divorce cases, I noticed a trend in which most of the women were getting screwed by their spouses. Most of these women weren’t prepared for court and had no knowledge of their partner’s finances. The major cause of divorce is differences in finances. It’s all about the money. The first lesson will be to prepare women for court and the second to get them involved in the marriage’s finances. My book is a guide to bulletproof marriage and helps women obtain financial equality and eliminate traditional roles.

John Stirling KinrossWhat differentiates this book from other books on marriage?

My book is different because all the other books center on the interpersonal aspect of a marriage. They don’t really talk about other important aspects of a marriage. Mine focuses on improving one of the most important aspects of marriage, “money”. My book goes back to the basics of marriage and helps in setting the marriage up. It will prepare women before, and during, marriage.

What do you feel is the benefit of reading this book?

Divorces affect society, especially children. The main benefit of this book is to reduce the high rate of divorces. To empower women and help them obtain financial security. And, to eliminate the traditional roles of marriage; we still have gender roles that need to be changed.

Where can we purchase your new book?

You will find my book on Amazon soon. Stay-tuned. More info on my website

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