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Top 5 Amazing Camping Sites Near Mumbai



camping near Mumbai


If one loves to explore India, one doesn’t have to go to the ends of the country to experience the treasures it holds. Because some places are just on the outskirts of the city. It may seem like a surprise to many, but it is really possible to go camping near Mumbai.

In fact, this city has a lot of great camping options just a few hours away. Here one can spend time away from the city, they could gaze at the stars and get in touch with nature at its finest. Here are some of the best camping places around Mumbai that will surely satisfy the adventurous traveller in one.

1. Karnala

This place is located 48 km away from Mumbai. Karnala is just a short drive away from Mumbai, which is popular for a number of reasons. A must-visit destination here is the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, located at the base of Karnala Fort. Here one can spot a range of birds as they have over 37 species of migratory birds and 150 species of native birds.

This place offers guided tours also. People could head out for the easy trek to the Karnala Fort or take a boat ride at Karnala Lake during the day. Winter is the best time to visit Karnala. The temperatures are cooler so one’ll enjoy spending time outdoors.

2. Vasind

This is a great place for night camping around Mumbai, Vasind has an attractive setting and a calm and intimate atmosphere. At this campsite, one can also enjoy water sports such as river rafting and kayaking and long walks in the serene woods apart from regular camping activities.

Those who love to discover the wild can take the trek up to the Mahuli Fort. Vasind is well connected to Mumbai by road and the drive is pretty simple — it shouldn’t take more than an hour to reach here. If one is choosing public transport, take a bus from North Mumbai or catch a train from Kalyan station to reach Vasind. This place is located 63 km away from Mumbai. Although the climate is good throughout the year, it is best to avoid going during the summer as afternoons can get very hot.

3. Shirota Lake

If one is looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then look no further than Shirota Lake. This is one of the best places one can relax, unwind, and even do some adventure sports in the middle of some amazing surroundings.

From fishing to boat rides, and even clicking photographs of exotic birds, Shirota Lakeside allow one to do it all. Feels more adventurous, right? Also, trek down to the nearby hill to enjoy amazing views of the lake’s neighbourhood. One of the more splendid night camping places near Mumbai. This place is located 91 km away from Mumbai. It is better to go after the monsoon, the rain brightens up the greenery here, leaving it looking lush.

4. Bhatsa Dam

The bank of the Bhatsa dam is a better place for camping. Drive down to Bhatsa to enjoy a boat ride, swimming, and even fishing. For those who don’t like the water, there are other activities also to try here such as spectacular trails that are excellent for walks.

Since this place is not too far from Mumbai, the Bhatsa camping site is perfect for a one-day outing. However, if one is planning on staying overnight, there are camping sites that rent out tents so one can sleep under the stars. It would be better to book in advance as this is quite a famous tourist attraction. This place is located 93 km away from Mumbai. The best time to visit Bhatsa is from June to September, the rainy season when the lakes are full and the foliage is at its finest.



5. Shirgaon Beach

The Shirgaon Beach in Palghar combines the best of beach and camping. Yes, that is right. There is a small site on the beach open for camping where one can enjoy the lovely sea breeze, go for a swim and also enjoy some beach sports.

For kids, there are a few camels and ATV bike rides also available here. After enjoying all the fun things that Palghar offers, end the day by watching the sunset at the beach. one can then head back to the campsite, enjoy a bonfire, gaze at the stars, and soak in the cool sea breeze. This is as close to an ideal weekend getaway as it gets! This place is located 116 kilometres away from Mumbai. Although the climate is great throughout the year, it is advisable to not go here during the monsoon should be avoided as the sea can get pretty rough.


Mumbai is a dream place for many. Being the city of dreams, it is full of hustles and bustles. But there are also places that are suitable for camping.

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