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Care for a Solid Oak Dining Table



How to Care for a Solid Oak Dining Table


Solid oak dining tables are a dependable investment because of their high calibre and toughness. But to keep it looking its best, your solid oak dining table must be well maintained, just like other furniture. You may ensure your solid oak dining table endures the test of time, from cleaning to finishing and storage. This blog post will go over some crucial advice for maintaining a solid oak dining table so that it looks excellent for many years to come. This online store sells excellent Oak furniture and in almost any colour you can think of.

The Benefits of Solid Oak Dining Tables

The advantages of having a solid oak dining table are numerous. Oak is not only a stunning wood but also highly hardy and simple to maintain. The following are some advantages of having a solid oak dining table: Because oak is a sturdy and long-lasting wood, your table will survive many years.

Oak is extremely simple to maintain; all it needs is a light dusting or a moist cloth to keep it looking new. Oak adds style to any home and will always stay in class because of its natural beauty. The best furniture investment you can make is an oak dining table, which will last you a lifetime.

How to Clean a Solid Oak Dining Table

To clean a solid oak dining table, you will need the following:

A dust cloth or microfiber cloth

A mild wood cleaner or polish (optional).

  1. Wipe down the table’s surface with a dust cloth or microfiber cloth to remove any dirt or dust.
  2. If desired, you can polish the table’s surface with a mild wood cleaner or polish. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

How to Refinish a Solid Oak Dining Table

If your dining room table is made of solid oak and must be refinished, you should sand the whole surface of the table before beginning. To protect the wood, you should use fine-grit sandpaper. It would help if you used a moist cloth to clean the table once you’ve finished sanding it to get rid of any dust.

Applying a wood conditioner or sealant is the next step. As a result, the wood will be better able to absorb the stain evenly when you use it by helping to fill up any pores and gaps. Before continuing to the following stage, let this product dry for at least a few hours.

You may apply the stain once the wood conditioner or sealer has dried. Work in tiny parts at once while using a brush with natural bristles. After evenly coating the whole surface of the table with stain, let it about 30 minutes to dry before cleaning away any leftover stain with a fresh, lint-free cloth.

Apply multiple coats of a clear protective finish, like polyurethane or varnish once your stain has had time to cure fully (often overnight). Lightly sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper before applying each layer, and then wipe away any dust with a moist cloth. When done, give your table plenty of time to dry before using it; depending on the finish you selected, this might take up to two weeks.

The table has been prepared. Therefore, it’s time to begin painting or staining. We advise choosing an oil-based stain to get a natural look. Paint is always an option if you want something more colourful. If you decide to go this way, be sure to apply a primer first. Once your stain or paint has cured, a transparent layer of polyurethane is necessary. This will shield your newly refinished table from dings and regular use. Before utilizing your table once more, let the polyurethane completely dry. That’s all there is to it! Your solid oak dining table can look brand-new with sanding, staining, and polyurethane.

How to Protect a Solid Oak Dining Table

You may take a few steps to safeguard your solid oak dining table and increase its longevity.

Use a coaster whenever you put any drink on the table’s surface, first and foremost. By doing this, possible damage, such as water rings, will be reduced. Second, while placing hot foods on the table, use place mats or coasters. This will lessen the risk of heat damage to the finish. Finally, keep away from using aggressive cleaners or chemicals on the table since they might eventually harm the wood. Stick to mild, soap-free cleansers that are specially made for wood furniture. Following these easy instructions, you can maintain your solid oak dining table looking brand-new for many years. Pick your modern dining tables from Authentic Timber Furniture Ltd, London, UK.


A sturdy oak dining table requires minimal maintenance or a lot of work. Your solid oak dining table can survive for years if you properly dust, polish, and wax it. And it is simple to pick a finish that will go well with any décor given the diversity of finishes that are currently available. To maintain your solid oak dining table looking as gorgeous as the day you got it, invest in high-quality cleaning tools, and pay attention to these suggestions.