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Civil Ceremony In Los Angeles: Everything You Needed to Know



civil ceremony in Los Angeles

The most popular type of wedding in the United States is a civil ceremony. In a courthouse or town hall, a civil ceremony is conducted by elected officials, such as mayors and council members, in which witnesses sign the marriage certificate as proof that the couple was legally married.

What is the Purpose of a Civil Wedding?

Los Angeles civil ceremonies are usually cheaper than religious ceremonies since they can be performed anywhere and by anyone, provided the location is licensed. There is no need for the couple to travel far from home or attend a civil ceremony to have a private ceremony. A small or large wedding can also be planned depending on the couple’s preferences, budget, and time constraints.

Why do Couples choose to Have a Civil Ceremony?

There are many reasons couples choose to have a civil ceremony instead of a religious one in Los Angeles. Some people also think a civil ceremony isn’t as romantic or meaningful as a religious one, but that’s not true. Civil ceremonies can be just as romantic and meaningful to the couple as any other celebration.

Another reason people might choose a civil ceremony over any other type of wedding celebration is that it’s cheaper. Perhaps that is the most common reason couples choose a civil ceremony in Los Angeles.

How Long Does a Civil Wedding Ceremony Take?

It takes considerable time to complete a civil ceremony in Los Angeles. It involves exchanging rings, kissing, reciting vows, signing the marriage license, and declaring the couple as husband and wife. The civil wedding ceremony can take up to two months, depending on the country.

How Do Civil Ceremonies and Weddings Differentiate?

It is also possible to have a civil ceremony instead of a religious ceremony if the couple does not desire a religious ceremony. It should be noted, however, that the civil ceremony in Los Angeles differs from the wedding ceremony. It’s common to have a civil ceremony before the religious ceremony and reception on a different day. No religious affiliation or connotation is required for this open, secular ceremony. Rather than having a clergyman or justice of the peace officiate, couples do their wedding traditions at home.

How To Choose The Best Venue For Your Civil Wedding?

It’s true that every wedding-related decision matters, but there are a few that matter more.

Location plays a crucial role in determining the tone of your wedding, so choosing your venue intelligently is essential.

You should start your search for a venue a year in advance, no matter your theme. When searching for venues, consider the types of packages and the overall capacity. 

For a perfect wedding, everyone should follow these steps;

  1. List your guests to determine how many are essential to attend.
  2. Remember to list what you want as compulsory and as an option.
  3. Pick a lucky wedding date and a lucky wedding day.
  4. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, you need to make a budget.
  5. Find the wedding chapel according to the number of guests and your budget.
  6. Make sure the chapel provides all the essential services you are looking for.

What are the top wedding chapels in Los Angeles?

In planning a wedding, exploring venues is one of the most exciting phases, right up there with choosing an engagement ring and a wedding dress. With so many options available at every price point, it can be overwhelming.

Listed below are some of the best wedding chapels which you can consider for your civil ceremony in Los Angeles;


  1. Albertson Wedding Chapel
  2. Lucky Wedding Day
  3. True love Wedding Chapel
  4. Same Day Marriage
  5. Mayra’s Wedding Chapel
  6. Whispering Oaks Chapel
  7. Belles Wedding Chapel
  8. Wayfarers Chapel
  9. Helen’s Wedding Chapel
  10. Guadalupe Wedding Chapel

What Should You Wear to a Civil Wedding?

When purchasing a dress for your civil ceremony in Los Angeles or elsewhere, it is essential to check its quality and price. It should be within your budget and feel comfortable to you simultaneously. With just one vendor, it will be rigid, but with an endless list, it will be even more complex. Make sure that the color and style of your civil wedding dress match your skin tone, and also pick the right color for your bridesmaids to match your color theme. To check your skin tone, you can choose from a wide range of overall traditional colors. 


When choosing your dress, you should consider what you’re wearing, how you want to feel, and what others are wearing. A civil wedding gown is a traditional, formal gown with long sleeves. Dresses in white or ivory are always appropriate for civil weddings, but if white or ivory isn’t your style, wear something else. For a civil ceremony in Los Angeles, first-time brides wear a casual civil dress. Search online for these dresses to find them in stores or online at a moment’s notice. A jumpsuit or pantsuit is a classic city hall wedding dress you can wear afterward.


It’s the most beautiful wedding ceremony, which is why 50% of Los Angeles marriages are civil. Start planning at least a year before your civil wedding. Remember your dress, the guest list, the venue, the theme, and the list plays a significant role in your big day. So don’t overlook anything.

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