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Here is the Complete Guide for Jaisalmer tour (Camping and safaris)



Jaisalmer camping


Jaisalmer is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Rajasthan is where it belongs. Jaisalmer, located in the Thar Desert, is also known as the “Golden City.” Jaisalmer is known as the “city of gold” because of the golden sands that cover the vast desert of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is well known for its large Havelis (large bungalows), large lakes, and Jain temples. 

It is best identified by the camel. There are Jaisalmer towers and carved Jain temples. Having a beautiful view of the crystal-clear sand and spending the night under the clear desert sky is a feeling that can only be described as paradise. Jaisalmer Fort is in the centre of the region, and the locals have lived around it for generations.

Camping in the Jaisalmer Desert

At the Jaisalmer camping location, Experience the amazing feeling of sleeping under the stars in a desert tent. Jaisalmer offers a variety of attractions that can be enjoyed according to your preferences. Tourists, on the other hand, flock here for the desert park. The Thar Desert offers you the opportunity to live in dreamland while staying in tents with a touch of luxury.

Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Prince Sam Dunes, known as the centre of the Thar Desert, is the starting point for desert safaris in Jaisalmer. Camping here includes various activities such as bonfires, traditional food and drinks, the sky, and more, especially when the sun goes down.

Camel riding in Jaisalmer 

The camel, commonly known as a desert boat, offers a unique way to explore the desert landscape. It’s like a roller coaster because you jump and crash on the sand for an awesome ride. Although the camels only travel a short distance, they are still considered a major attraction for visitors. Other attractions include camel riding. A jeep ride allows you to see places like Sam Sand Dunes, Desert Park, Padholi Temple, and many more. Other important activities can be enjoyed in addition to a wide range of desert safari attractions. It’s all about biking and running through the dunes at the Sam Sand Dunes, another highest points in the Sahara Desert. Also, while spending the night in the desert, an evening of folk music and dance in Rajasthani folklore is an unforgettable experience.

Visit the unique Sam Sand Dunes. 

It is one of the most beautiful deserts in Rajasthan, with many activities for visitors. There are 30 to 60 metres of sand dunes that are beautiful to see, and it is the best place for a desert safari by car or camel. This place is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan, with a sandy beach that stretches for 2-3 kilometres. Most of the visitors to this place stay in Jaisalmer’s desert camps. Sam Sand Dunes are best visited in the evening. Here, you can watch the sunset and spend the night witnessing the spectacular dawn. October to March is the best time to visit Sam Sand Dunes and book a Rajasthan tour package for a comfortable and relaxing vacation.

How do I get to Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer Railway Station is one of the largest railway stations in Rajasthan. If you want to go by train, you can go to Jaisalmer station. The North Western Railway controls and manages the administrative functions of the Jaisalmer railway station. Trains from all countries come to the station. It features three platforms and five tracks in all. The distance from Jaisalmer railway station to the Sam Sand Dunes is 40 km.

When is the best time to visit Jaisalmer?

March remains calm in Jaisalmer and surrounding areas. Technically, September to mid-March is a non-working month for visiting Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, and the rest of Rajasthan since the temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius. If you are planning a vacation at the beginning of March, this is not a problem because it is a great time because of the good weather. However, at the end of March, the heat in Rajasthan begins to visit the sand dunes, and the temperature is not good. Another major reason to avoid visiting Jaisalmer after March is that many parks close after that month.

Some of the popular stargazing sites in Rajasthan are:

The Serai 

Serai, one of the best camps in Jaisalmer, offers a wonderful camping experience in the Jaisalmer desert. The cabins here have beautiful interiors and exteriors, including covered rooms, ensuite bathrooms, large bedrooms, private spas, outdoor pools, lounge tents, dining tents, and more. The Serai is a great place for skydiving and sunset watching, as well as dining under the stars.

Damodra Desert Camp

Although Damodra Desert Camp lacks the amenities offered by Serai, it is still popular among stargazers. The camp has 10 Swiss tents with everything you need. There is no doubt that the tent and its surroundings will give you a real country experience in a peaceful atmosphere. Stargazing is done from the terrace or the roof of a tent.

Captain of the Desert Garden

Prince’s Desert Park, located next to the Sam Sand Dunes, is decorated with beautiful interiors and luxurious bathrooms. The booths are well organized, and traditional food is served to the participants in large quantities. This is the best place in the city where stargazers can easily enjoy the event.

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