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Dab Herb Makeup & Skincare: Becoming A Household Name



Dab Herb

Visit Dab Herb Makeup & Skincare’s new counter at Manhattan-based retailer Flying Solo, NYC. The vegan and cruelty-free beauty company’s expansion offers its loyal clients and fans the opportunity to test both the newest releases and beloved favorite products in-store. The increasing demand for DAB products reflects their growth into more public and accessible locations to house their top-rated, food-grade, full coverage cosmetics.  

DAB’s products are over 90 percent plant-based with a majority of the makeup’s ingredients being food-grade and certified organic. The fair-trade company generates products made for everyone which are especially dear to those with sensitive skin or uneasy over the great chemical contents currently located in the largely unregulated cosmetic sector. All DAB Herb makeup & skincare products are made with love in sunny Southern California, offering a personal and nourishing touch to the natural ancient formulae accumulated from lands far and wide. The company’s debut into the in-person retailer is just the start for DAB’s well-anticipated growth. 

Dab Herb

Products by DAB enhance the makeup routines of beauty aficionados worldwide. With their pigmented herb eye shadows and moisturizing tinted lip gloss – glamorous looks are artistically crafted using DAB’s quality and luscious products. Confidence and satisfaction are reached and exceeded with the use of DAB’s creations, which aside from being healthy and nourishing, provide the full-coverage looks we are used to seeing from “other” brands.  

Founded by Crissy Beredo and Faye Joanino, the driven pair crafted DAB to develop pure and influential beauty products. The company prides itself on remaining honest with its practices and products. With natural and effective products, effortless beauty is formed using the top-notch and unique formulae of the company. 

DAB began selling their authentic products on Etsy in 2015 and quickly grew to be the number one beauty brand of its kind with over 6000 five-star reviews. The entirely female-owned and operated brand carefully produces its makeup to have users feel confident about themselves and the products they are using. DAB Herb Makeup & Skincare’s monumental growth will soon make their brand known in households worldwide.

DAB is working on more feel-good beauty products for public release in the near future. The company looks forward to audiences visiting Flying Solo in Manhattan to try and buy the best in the beauty business! 

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