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Discover the Magic of Writing with OD Green



OD Green

Who can deny the power of a pen? Writers are well aware of it already, but a pen has an important role to play in everyone’s day-to-day life. Students are more dependent on a pen to take notes and get all their writing stuff done.

With so many products on the market, it becomes difficult to choose. But OD Green has some qualities that anyone looks for in the best pen. If you are looking for the best pen, just go through this article to help you decide.

What is Special About OD Green?

OD Green belongs to the family of Grafton, which makes some of the most versatile pens and pencils on the market. What do you look for in an ideal pen? Fluent writing, no ink spillage, smooth function, and impressive outlook. Well, our OD green has all of these characteristics.

If we start from the outside, it has an enhanced protective coating with rich exterior hues and textures. We use deeper machining to produce a textured matte feel that enhances a stable grip. It has a heavily grooved grip and a sturdy clip. The securely bolted clip keeps your OD green accessible.

The pen has been designed to work best with metal gel refills, but it can also take Bic Gel, Uniball, Jetstream, Pilot G2, Fisher Space Pen, Monteverde Ballpoint, Parker Gel, and Ballpoint refill cartridges.

When OD green is in your hand, it looks attractive with military toughness, and once you start writing, it proves its mettle. You can feel the fluency of writing with this pen as if a stream is running down an ice-covered mountain.

Some of the ideal characteristics of a pen are:

  • Good Fit: As for buying clothes, bags, or shoes, a good fit is a mark of style. We agree with you, and that’s why we have not shown any compromise on our pens’ style and looks.
  • Finest Finish: Nowadays, pen finishes include metal, resins, celluloid, wood, and more. You choose according to what appeals to you the most. The ideal finish has an even polish with no rough edges or burrs.
  • Balanced Weight: Hold the pen between your thumb and index finger and feel the weight. An ideal pen should be light in weight, with no extra weight toward the front or back of the pen.
  • Good Grip: Another factor that helps you decide which pen to buy is its grip. We have stabilized our pen’s grips through a textured matte feel and deeper machining.
  • Smooth Working: Now check the nib of the pen; it should feel smooth, with no scratching or dragging.
  • Amount of Usage: Are you buying a pen just for looks, or are you a regular user? This is another factor that helps you decide which pen to buy. It’s ok to buy a luxury pen without a good grip or too much weight if you are just keeping it for looks. However, if you intend to take notes with it, choose wisely to have an appearance and other properties in a single pen.

OD Green has primarily metal gel refills. It is gel ink that distinguishes gel pens from others. Gel ink is gel-based, due to which it is slightly sticky and adheres to any surface. Unlike water based-ink, gel ink doesn’t sink deep into the pen to catch and come out clear. This gives you a smooth writing experience with a gel pen, and OD Green is one of the best versions of gel pens.

Step up your tactical advantage with our super matte OD Green Grafton pen, built to bring excellence whenever and wherever you need it.