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Everything you need to know about hinged wardrobe designs



Wardrobes that have hinged doors are known as hinged wardrobes. The cabinet frame of these doors is connected to the hinges. These doors come in various designs, materials, and hues to complement any decor and swing open and shut like ordinary doors. Hinged wardrobes are a fantastic option for people requiring additional storage space because they are often larger than sliding wardrobes. They are frequently composed of materials like wood, and metal, and can be modified with a range of interior fittings including racks, cabinets, and hanging rails. Before making a purchase, measure the space available because hinged wardrobe designs need room for the doors to swing open. They might be an excellent addition because they are simple to install and maintain.

Salient features of hinge wardrobes

  • Enhances Storage

Compared to other wardrobe styles, hinged wardrobes are frequently more extensive, offering more room for clothing, shoes, and other goods.

  • Customization

Hinged wardrobes are adaptable and can be made to match specific requirements and tastes. They can be equipped with several internal fixtures, including racks, cabinets, and hanging rails, to provide a unique storage solution.

  • Accessibility

With ample storage inside, hinged door wardrobes offer easy accessibility in fetching out items. A large-size wardrobe remains uncluttered and easily manageable. 

  • Flexible

A flexible storage option that complements any decor, hinged wardrobes come in various designs, materials, and hues.

  • Durability

Wardrobes with hinges often last a long time and can resist frequent use. In addition, they require just routine cleaning and the occasional lubrication of the hinges, making them low maintenance.

Hinged Wardrobe Designs

There are many different designs, materials, and hues for hinged wardrobes. Popular styles of hinged wardrobes include:

  • Traditional Hinge Wardrobes

Traditional hinge wardrobe designs often include one or more hinged doors that swing open to show inside storage. These wardrobes can come in a variety of designs, such as those with single or double doors, and can contain extras like shelves, drawers, and hanging rods to help organize clothes and accessories. Depending on the needs and tastes of the user, the wardrobe’s design can range from being simple and functional to be more intricate and decorative.

  • Contemporary Hinge Wardrobe Design

The minimalist aesthetic and clean, modern lines of contemporary hinge wardrobe designs, which frequently use materials like glass, metal, and wood, may be present. These wardrobes could have bigger, more open interior spaces with pull-out drawers, adjustable shelving, and built-in lighting to improve organization and functionality. Some modern hinge wardrobes may also have elements like touch-to-open systems and soft-close hinges for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Modern designs for hinge wardrobes emphasize style and function, offering a sophisticated and effective storage option for contemporary living areas.

  • Rustic Hinge Wardrobe Design 

The materials used in rustic hinge wardrobe designs, which include wood, iron, and other metals, often have a more organic, traditional aspect. For a more historical or antique appearance, these wardrobes could have a worn or faded surface. To add to its individuality and charm, certain rustic hinge wardrobes may include decorative accents like carvings, metalwork, or textured surfaces. Simple shelving, drawers, and hanging rods may be present inside these wardrobes, with an emphasis on convenience and usefulness rather than fancy embellishments. In general, rustic hinge wardrobe designs provide a warm and welcoming storage choice that matches the decor.


Thus, hinged wardrobes are an adaptable and flexible storage option that may be created to meet specific needs. They come in a variety of designs, materials, and hues, and they may be customized with several extras to produce a useful storage solution. Hinged wardrobes may add to the aesthetics and use of any space and last for many years with the right installation and maintenance.