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Get Cleaning Clicks: Growing Your Cleaning Business Is Just One Click Away



Get Cleaning Clicks: Growing Your Cleaning Business Is Just One Click Away

Today, there are a lot of cleaning services across the US in digital warfare competing for customers and online market share. Anyone can now book quality home cleaning services easily and at affordable prices. However, with more cleaning businesses around, the more it becomes challenging to stand out from the rest of the competition. Get Cleaning Clicks is the only company you need to help you grow your cleaning business through digital marketing.

The mission of Get Cleaning Click is to make it easier for their clients to grow their leads and customers through personalized strategies (developed from the experience of working with hundreds of cleaning companies over the years), using search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and custom-designed, well-branded and positioned websites to leverage your competitive advantage. 

Founded by Ray Malaski, Get Cleaning Clicks helps and manages hundreds of clients, all over the US, gross over $50 million in cleaning business sales annually with impressive monthly growth in Google searches. Some companies produced more than seven percent growth, while other companies are doing over a million in annual revenue, or better. Get Cleaning Clicks also created high-quality, well-branded content and sites which produce results, unlike any others.

Get Cleaning Clicks brings together talent from around the globe, giving their clients an edge when it comes to fresh perspectives for local American businesses–without forgetting the needs of each client’s service area. This means they don’t leave behind any idea on the cutting room floor. They go beyond and look for any way to get leads either through social media or email.

Ray Malaski, CEO of Get Cleaning Clicks, started pushing the boundaries of what digital marketing can do for local and franchise cleaning businesses more than five years ago in Michigan. Ray recalls his time freelancing with several clients and establishing a business of his own from the years of experience he accumulated by helping cleaning service companies expand their business. He called the company Web Launch Local. Since then, he has helped all types of small businesses grow through the power of SEO, quality content, smart PPC strategies, and determination. Today, Get Cleaning Clicks is one of the top digital marketing companies for the cleaning industry in the US and beyond. 

Their recipe for success is professionalism, innovation, and quality of service. Get Cleaning Clicks uses unique websites that are customized for every client and optimized for conversions and SEO content. They don’t just settle on one or two landing pages but dig deep by helping their clients’ site’s rankings flourish on Google. And this is only part of the many services you can expect from them. Every site is designed to fit each client’s needs. They create the design, content, sales, and a true marketing system that delivers results in less time than their competitors.

Get Cleaning Clicks is a proud member of IISA and ARCSI and is designed to focus solely on clients from the cleaning service industry especially those in the residential and commercial sectors. With their continued success, Get Cleaning Clicks isn’t only dominating the cleaning industry but also offer web services for in-home care services, maintenance services, painting services, home remodeling services, and other company businesses centered around the home, but only for existing clients who have expanded into additional companies. With cleaning services rapidly growing across the country, Get Cleaning Clicks is excited to help its clients attract, convert, nurture, and grow. 

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