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Here’s How To Build A Classic And Timeless Wardrobe For Men’s Clothing



Classic And Timeless Wardrobe For Men's Clothing

Men’s clothing gives your wardrobe a firm foundation with these timeless menswear essentials. Clean silhouettes, tailored cuts, neat hems, neutral colors, simple stripes, or minimal detailing. Have you heard the phrase, “Appearance speaks louder than words”? Every day when you step out of your house, you encounter different people on the streets, stations, shops, etc. Wittingly, unwittingly, subconsciously, you are being judged based on your appearance. And you do the same to others. Imagine seeing someone wearing a long black overcoat with a cowboy hat and a black balaclava that covers their entire face. Would you not judge such a person to be involved with something sinister? Likewise, your dressing sense speaks volumes about your personality. 

Clothing for Men

Unlike a woman’s wardrobe, clothing for men comes with different requirements. Men do not usually shop with a plan. Instead of choosing to create a whole outfit, they pick whatever grabs their attention and make an outfit out of it. And surprisingly, this works well. You do not need to have tons of clothes to achieve the perfect look. With a few timeless and classic essentials, you can have a wardrobe that is less cluttered, easier to get dressed, and makes you look trendy as well!

The Problem With Too Many Clothes

There is nothing wrong with having too many clothes, except you might get a brain freeze when you open your wardrobe and have to choose from the infinite options. Too many options make it too hard to decide. It happens in every situation where you need to decide between many options. Have you ever found yourself scrolling the several options on an e-commerce site or an OTT platform to end up confused? 

The problem with too many clothes in the wardrobe is the same. A simple solution can solve all your clothing for men’s wardrobe issues. Have simple and classic designs that would look great anytime, anywhere. 

How To Build A Classic And Timeless Wardrobe In Two Steps

A first impression is always powerful. When you shake hands with someone, your physical appearance is more impactful both before and after you start communicating. Therefore, ignoring your wardrobe can prove risky. Here are the two things you need to do to achieve a stylish look. 

  1. Sort and Discard What’s Not Required

Go through your entire collection of clothing for men and sort them into different categories. Discard everything that hasn’t been worn in two years, has a poor fit, and is stained beyond repair. You can choose to donate these clothes to those in need. 

  1. Understand Your Style and Needs

Fashions keep changing. Trends come and go. Clothing for men should not depend on trends because style is a different matter. Every man is unique, and so is his style. You must understand which styles you are comfortable in and which colors suit you the best. The easiest way to do this is by taking into account your physical characteristics, the place you live in, its weather requirements, and your personal preferences. 

Clothing for Men Wardrobe Essentials

To look classy, you need not wear brands that burn a hole in your pocket. With a few essential styles, you can create a wardrobe that will suffice your fashion needs. For the sake of uncluttered and easy-to-access wardrobes, we have compiled a list of a few timeless and classy style essentials that are a must in every man’s closet. These clothing essentials have stood the test of time and can be combined in various ways to create different outfits. 

Grey Sweatshirt

A grey sweatshirt goes well with almost everything. You can pair it with jeans for a casual get-together or joggers for a walk in the park. Wear it solo, under a jacket, or over a shirt with a crisp collar visible at the neckline. It offers warmth in cold weather, and the soft fabric provides much comfort. Therefore, a grey sweatshirt falls under our clothing for men category.  


Every man’s wardrobe should consist of white, black, and blue button-up oxford shirts. You can play with subtle stripes or patterns, although solid shirts will work fine. Pair the shirts with formal trousers to cover your office styling needs. You can pair them with jeans or chinos for an informal look as well. Add a denim shirt, and you can wear it as a jacket over any other t-shirt. Or simply style it with a pair of chinos. 


You can choose t-shirts once you have understood your style. But a white and black solid t-shirt is a must-have item of clothing for men. A polo t-shirt works well because it is more formal than a normal t-shirt and more casual than a button-up. Solid t-shirts, especially black, white, navy blue, mustard, etc., can be paired with almost any color of trousers or jeans. You can wear a jacket or a blazer for a more stylish look. 


The indigo blue jeans are everyone’s all-time favorite as it is not overpowering and can be dressed up or down with jackets or casuals. The dark color gives a more formal look and can even be worn to work. Additionally, you can also have either black or light blue jeans for those days when the blue one is in the laundry.


Putting joggers, jeans, cargo, and chinos aside, clothing for men must contain a few good trousers. Trousers help you achieve a formal and utilitarian look. You can pair them with a jacket, blazer, or button-up shirt for the perfect look. 

Jackets and Suits

Just like a pair of indigo jeans, jackets can be used to dress up or down as per your needs. Style it up with chinos or trousers, or dress it down with jeans. Leather jackets have stood the test of time, so having one in your wardrobe makes sense. Having one or many suits depends mainly on how much you use them. However, a black tuxedo can always make a space in a men’s wardrobe. 


Clothing for men can be made easy if you have the basics in place. All the above-mentioned items go well for any man, irrespective of his complexion or body build. If you are a brand connoisseur, try to get these essentials in your favorite brands to add a luxury feel to your outfit. With these timeless and classy essentials, you will never have to stare at your wardrobe and wonder what to wear.