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Holiday Luxury Announces Their New Subsidiary, Jets100, The World’s Leading Private Jet Networking Club



According to Afshin Sajedi, President of Holiday Luxury, “Each destination offers unforgettable experiences. Our goal is to provide savvy guests with a bespoke experience like no other via Jets100. We are currently offering ‘F1 Private Jet Experiences from United States to all 22 Grand Prix all over the world.’ This means we will tap into your dream motor sport holiday from the moment you leave your residence by limousine or helicopter for ultimate comfort. You choose whichever mode of premiere transport you prefer for every step of getting to your special destination with a private jet. High-end stylish travel is back and better than ever.


Jets100 is a part of Holiday Luxury Corporation and is an exclusive invitation-only membership for The World’s Leading Private Jet Networking club. Our goal is to give members such a grand flight experience that they’ll find it hard to get off the plane when they arrive at their destination. We provide the best service for our elite travelers like yourself. Traveling isn’t just about where you go — it’s about getting there in style.  Holiday Luxury’s new team members, Kendall Jaquez, Sales and Marketing Representative, Hedieh Takhmiri, Architect of Global Social Media, Tracey Wong, the commercial director, Heather Crawford, the Executive Administrative, provide best-in-class experience for their clients.

Select F1 itineraries and accouterments are arranged for those wanting a VIP experience with every wish for a perfect experience anticipated and provided. Holiday Luxury is known amongst elite travelers to be the absolute best company to plan every detail and provide a destination for travelers to do whatever they want without a set agenda.

Afshin added, “Your wish is our command! Culinary delights and preferences are just as important, and the best private chefs, who have been trained in famous restaurants and hotels—to meet all dietary needs can be hired for you and your guests. You deserve the best luxury holiday of your dreams, and we will make it for you. Our service is unrivaled. Your happiness and satisfaction are our number one priority.”


The prestigious accommodation selection is handpicked by an expert, professional concierge, and travel team of the highest standards. VIP service offers discretion and privacy to luxury travelers with exceptional quality and value. Room types begin with luxury suites then move up to presidential suites, penthouses, and full hotel floors.


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The firm’s mission is to create ultra-deluxe luxury experiences and unforgettable memories in the world’s most amazing worldwide destinations. What is stopping you to start thinking your next quality memory in life with your loved ones?


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