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How I Helped A Suicidal Woman Find Her Will To Live



How I Helped A Suicidal Woman Find Her Will To Live

She reached out to me and told me that she wanted to commit suicide.

What had happened to her had broken my heart.

In the past year, her mother had passed away.  She blamed the death entirely on herself.  She said that not too long before her mother got ill, her boyfriend at the time asked her if she could lend him some money.  She took out her entire savings to help him out.  Shortly after her mother became ill and the doctors had to do an operation on her.  The medical treatment required her to pay upfront so she went back to her boyfriend to ask if he could help her out and he disappeared.  He ran away with her money and as a result, she was unable to pay for the operation and her mother had died.

This had happened a year prior to our call and as a result, she was living with intense feelings of guilt that if it were not for her lending the money to her ex-boyfriend, she would have been able to pay for the operation and her mother would still be alive today.

After an entire year of self-blaming, one could imagine why this woman would want to end her life.

I asked her a few questions to help her see through clearly and shifting her blame away from herself and seeing the bigger picture.

I asked

“If you knew that your mother would need the money for the operation then would you have lent your ex the money?”

to which she said

“of course not!”.

Then I asked

“If your mother was still alive today then would she have liked to see you this way? broken, disheveled..”

to which she answered,

“no, she wouldn’t at all.”

You see what I’m doing here is a simple reconfiguring of the thought patterns and the beliefs that go along with them.   My client was blaming herself for her mothers’ death.  My task here was to simply straighten those mixed associations out.

Then I asked her how much longer she can go on like this before she would eventually burn herself out and make a very unwise choice like killing herself and she said that she was at her wit’s end.

Now came time for the unconditional positive regard.

I told her that none of this was her fault because life tends to send us curveballs like these from time to time and her situation was definitely no exception.  It was a really difficult situation indeed and her raw strength was able to get her through an entire year of just pure anguish and emotional torture.

I reminded her of her true inner beauty, the beauty that unconditionally helped her ex when he needed her help and that God was truly there with her every step of the way.

You see, God is always by our side.  He’s closer to us than we are to our own jugular vein.  He breathed his holy spirit unto us and we tend to think during the hard times that He disappears.

Remember folks, the teacher is always quiet during the test.


With every hardship comes ease.

By the end of our conversation this beautiful lady had finally seen things clearly and all of a sudden she started to smile and even laugh.  Indicating on a soul level that she finally felt light again, freeing herself from the burden of guilt, pain, and shame.

Needless to say, I checked in on her a few months after and she’s doing great.  She even has been there to uplift her friends that are going through similar hard times.

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Have an awesome week!

I'm a Coach who specializes in Emotional Healing. I help people find deeper connection within themselves and those around them, helping them improve their outcomes on their business, relationships, and personal life.

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