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How many watches does Tufina make per year?



Tufina has been renowned for fine German watchmaking since 1828. This long tradition of horology mastery came into fruition with the brand’s two representative collections – Theorema and Pionier – that were established and licensed in Munich in 2004. The luxury men’s watches are known for being the pinnacle of excellence and prestige.

Every Tufina timepiece is meticulously handcrafted using original materials to preserve the integrity of German watchmaking. They adhere to German laws and regulations to produce outstanding timeless pieces. These luxury men’s watches are crafted by hand and are designed to last you a lifetime. They combine artistic excellence with flawless engineering to produce extraordinary durability and longevity.

These exquisite classic watches for men are created in small numbers, with exclusive designs, so you can be certain you will acquire the excellence that comes with fastidiously constructed special timepieces, instead of mass-manufactured products. Actually, striving away from mass-production and committing to creating unique handcrafted timepieces is one of the fundamental visions of Tufina. This leads us to the question: 

How many watches does Tufina make per year

How many timepieces does Tufina actually make each year?

Unlike some other brands, you can’t use the word ”mass-produced” for Tufina watches. Every single watch from this high-end brand is finished and assembled by hand, whereas other manufacturers have completely automated several steps of the manufacturing process.

This method of creating watches logically inhibits the ability to generate mass-production at a larger scale. Actually, it takes a lot of time and a long and intricate process to create a Tufina timepiece from scratch.

Although Tufina hasn’t officially announced how many watches they produce annually, the most widely acceptable number of watches they make is approximately 10,000 per year.


Tufina is positioned as a high-end luxury brand who launches special handcrafted timepieces at a limited supply. Their passion for watchmaking drives them to fight for beauty, rather than mass-produced output. They strive to deliver timepieces that are designed for the long term. Quality above all is one of their fundamental mottos.

As more and more people are beginning to appreciate the finesse of handcrafted German watches, there is a noticeable growth in the demand for these exquisite timepieces. Nevertheless, Tufina stays true to their vision, delivering limited edition luxury watches that guarantee a consistent standard of premium quality. As one of the most reputable watch brands in the industry, this unique and innovative company remains faithful to authentic handmade timepieces.

The end-result: Limited production of exquisite timepieces for each line

Tufina bases its work on providing superior quality luxury watches. Instead of opting for mass production, they make a limited amount of watches for each of their collections. The intricate process of manufacturing these timepieces reflects the dedication and calculation put into each product. They only offer handcrafted watches, carefully creating a specific quantity for their models. This ensures that every timepiece is of the highest standard and that they are offering the most excellent value in terms of aesthetics and performance.