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How to Design a Wild and Eclectic Bathroom



How to Design a Wild and Eclectic Bathroom

So, you want to redesign your shabby bathroom, but have no intention of spending money on anything modern and lux? Don’t worry, why not go eclectic? If you have that mismatched chair from your last move, an antique rug and a bunch of colorful mason jars you don’t know what to do with, you can put them all into your eclectic bathroom and create a fun and functional design. Here’s more about how to achieve this unique design look.

Be smart with colors

Colors can be a very good way to experiment because they are flexible and easy to manipulate. However, your color palette can also make or break your décor. Many people think it’s enough to put two or three randomly-picked colors together and they will create an eclectic look to space. No, some contrasts between mismatched colors work, while others don’t!

Be smart with colors

It’s best to be smart and really plan your colors. For instance, you can pick out a color that you’re particularly attracted to or find provocative. Now note it down and find a color that looks amazing next to it. Then look at those two against your existing décor—this is how you choose your palette! Once you have your main colors ready, you can start painting and repainting. However, don’t go crazy with the number of hues—3 or 4 usually work best and are easier to match. And remember that your eclectic palette can have contrasting colors, but they still have to work well together. If you can’t tell by eye, check out the internet for color theory or find a color wheel to consult while you choose.

Play with textures

The best thing about eclectic design is that you can be free with textures—a lot freer than any other typical design style. So, if you love how it looks, you can mix wood and stone, natural and artificial, soft and hard and shiny and matte! Some textures can be worn out while others can be brand new—it doesn’t matter. Your brand new bathroom sink can look amazing when paired with vintage cabinets. If you choose something attractive like an art deco sink or a decorative copper design, you can go very minimalistic with your other accessories yet still achieve a huge effect!

You can also use your beat-up wooden chair and pair it with a sleek, new wicker basket. Or have a wooden-framed mirror right next to a metal-framed mirror. Break walls up with shelves of different materials and styles for more space and more eclecticism.

Play with textures

The most effective way to play with different textures in on your walls and floors—this is where they are most effective. You can choose anything from small-scale metro tiles to 3d wallpaper designs you can find on the market today. One great way to really shock is to put one style on one side of the room and go completely different on the other side!

Create a focal point

Every space needs a focal point that will make it truly stand out. When it comes to your eclectic bathroom, you can really be creative and think big. Do you want to do something different with your shower or bath, why not combine them in a very attractive way? Mount a circular shower curtain above your bathtub for an attractive and vintage look that will stand out in every space. Accompany your setup with a big ceiling-mount showerhead and the result with blow your mind!

Create a focal point

When you have such a centerpiece in your space, you don’t need much else. Or, if you don’t want to mess with your tub, you can pay extra attention to an accent wall and cover it with mosaic tiles, 3D tiles or anything that’s a little more eye-catching than your plain metro tiles. These will add depth and texture to your space and instantly attract the eye.

Go crazy with accessories

Once you finish with bigger bathroom renovation jobs, you can go mad with accessories which is the best part of every eclectic design. You can really let go and combine things you might never think can stand one next to another. That cheap replica of the statue of David will look super cool next to a novelty rubber ducky! And that weird glittery shower curtain will fit right in with your spa-inspired aesthetics. Go truly crazy with mixing and matching, but watch out for clutter (eclectic spaces can get overwhelming very quickly).

With the eclectic style, your bathroom can turn into a mixture of memories, gifts, and jokes that will inspire and entertain. Every eclectic space is different and your bathroom can be uniquely yours yet stylish if you just follow these few tips.


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