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How to Find a Perfect Dress for Your Body Type



How to Find a Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

A woman can have hundreds of dresses – but each and every one of us has to have that perfect one that makes us look like a million dollars. And when you read this sentence, you are perfectly aware that finding a dress like that is not an easy task. I think of dressing as a unique art – and art takes the time or some good tips.

So if you don’t have time – here are the best tips on how to pick a perfect dress for your body type.


1. Full thighs and hips

If you are a pear-shaped lady with full thighs and hips, your perfect dress’s length should be an inch or two above the knee. A good option is something A-shaped, but not too full, because if it is short and full, it will look like you are wearing a tutu.

Full thighs and hips

And if you are wondering: What the hell is pear-shaped, it is simply a body shape that requires different sizes on the top and the bottom. In other words, you can add some width to your upper body with bold colors or horizontal stripes, for example, while keeping the lower part minimalistic. And don’t necessarily go with a one-piece dress – two pieces will work and feel much better.


2. Full waist

If your body is apple-shaped and you have a thick middle area, your goal is to visually elongate your torso and draw the attention away from the middle area. Go with a dress that has either a drop waist or an empire waist in order to define your waistline and create an hourglass appearance. And thick midsection belts are not a good idea and are in fact something you should stay away from because they only draw the attention to the middle area and even make it seem bigger in some cases. Instead, go with a cool loose chain or a sash belt that fall nicely on your hips.

Full waist

The next great tip is to try to emphasize those shoulders, girl! The math is simple here – you will create an illusion that this part has more width, so everything below will seem more narrow than it is. And please, for God’s sake, do not rely on padding – we are not in the ‘80s, honey. Instead, go with something such as a structured jacket that ends around the middle of your hips to accentuate the shoulder area, or simply wear dresses that are detailed and cover the shoulders – I would suggest cap sleeves for example – they are very in right now, you can scroll and find this type of dresses at any quality online fashion boutique if you look careful enough. This way, you will balance the whole hip-shoulder ratio but you won’t have to add mass to it, which is great.

However, if your arms are fuller, you should avoid cap sleeve dresses as well as sleeveless dresses and go with bell sleeves that go either three-quarters or full-length in order to flatter your upper part.


3. Small bust

The harsh truth is while some women have the breasts made by heavens, some of us seem like adolescent boys when observed from the side. And that’s okay – we wear our A cups with pride. Jokes aside, if your breasts are tiny, avoid deep cleavage and rather go with a bandeau or scoop neck. Oh, and sequins! All the sequins in the world put them all on yourself! Not that they just look pretty, but they also add dimension to a clothing piece and your body as well. Plus, they will make your bust appear a little bit bigger.

Small bust

And in order to draw attention away from your bust and balance your body out, go with the holy A-line skirt dress.


4. Slim

Okay, you are built like a supermodel and I hate you. Why? Because you can wear everything in the world ever. And the first type of dress you should consider getting is a sweater dress. Don’t ask why – just do it.


Thin women should wear layered outfits like cardigans over dresses, for example, or fitted jackets that will give them some bulk. Next, you can define your waist with a thick belt. Give yourself some curves with bubble dresses or dresses with ruffles, peplums and curvy patterns on their lower half. Go wild, have fun!

As you can see, the whole science revolves around drawing attention away from body parts that are too big or too small and, instead, turning the focus to our best features.

Did these tips help you find your perfect dress? Do you have some more tips you would like to share with us? If so, feel free to leave your comment below.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media and latest business technologies. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.