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How to Find Your Calling With Influencer Gabriel M. Padilla



Fueling your motivation

It’s often said that doing what you love, feed your soul and give you ultimate happiness. Who doesn’t have that as a goal in their life? The question is how to keep motivation high and resilience even higher in pursuing that “do what you love” objective through all the hardships and hurdles. The answer, as many of the successful individuals out there constantly prove us, is to simply find your real calling, your mission, your “why.” That is achieved through a self-analysis and self-discovery journey that often involves traveling. Traveling, away from society or family constrictions, frees us up enough to be able to really listen to ourselves and find our path.

All about Gabriel M. Padilla

Travel Influencer and Entrepreneur, Gabriel M. Padilla is one of the rising social media influencers in the Los Angeles area, a guy who undeniably found his path and calling.

Originally from a small town in Southern Oregon, Gabriel was driven to pursue his modeling career and moved to Los Angeles in 2015, when he was only 18 years old. He made the move with no solid plans and no financial backup, only equipped with his determination to make somebody out of himself in LA.

Gabriel faced a bit of a challenge after two years of being signed to 3 different agencies in three different markets. With the rise of social media at the time, he bravely took the plunge to make the switch as his instincts told him it was going to dominate the modeling industry.

Around the time Gabriel made the strategic transition in his career, he came across the love of his life, Finnish beauty Monica Landén, who he met in LA and quickly hit it off. They shared a common passion for traveling, and just like that, Gabriel’s social media presence soon became prominent as a travel influencer with his girlfriend, Monica. As it’s often said, if you align yourself with your calling and free up your soul energy, all positive things will be attracted. This was proven to be right when Gabriel found his career path and the love of his life.

The two are the epitome of a millennial family, most especially when they adopted their dog, Roxy to become a significant member of their gorgeous family! Gabriel and Monica enjoyed having Roxy, their stunning Husky-German Shepherd mix dog, who they’ve truly treated as their one and only baby. With this, the couple created @WithRoxy, an account dedicated to their adventures with her, which currently has almost 200,000 followers!

Gabriel M. Padilla’s Cuban-American upbringing has taught him to push himself beyond his boundaries. He has a sense of optimism that makes him always question “Is this how far I can take this?” with all his successful endeavors. As such, Gabriel entered the e-commerce space earlier this year with a subscription box service company he co-founded called Model Citizen. The company is glowing with Gabriel’s optimism as it aims to put life-saving PPE into the hands of as many people as possible with its 1-to-1 donation model for every mask included in the boxes they sell.

Gabriel’s work doesn’t stop there. His experience in social media went way beyond his creative space, as he also executed social media campaigns for online brands, musicians, models, actors, comedians, journalists, and many others in the media and entertainment industries through his digital marketing agency, Premier Branding.


Behind Gabriel M. Padilla’s Motivation

It is not uncommon to find someone pleasingly energetic, that makes one stop and wonder, “What drives him/her?”. Well, thankfully for Gabriel, he has shared the scoop!

Gabriel M. Padilla’s favorite quote is, “Anything can happen in a day!”. The quote comes from a funny incident that made his grandfather say it during a moment of panic when he thought his computer got hacked, whereas, in reality, Gabriel and his brother had just plugged in a Bluetooth mouse to his computer and were navigating to random websites from across the room!

With all seriousness, that quote stuck to Gabriel even after so many years with a different meaning: It excites him to be reminded that anything can literally happen in a day.

As organized as Gabriel is, he tries his best not to plan out his day too much. Since he knows that life can take hold at any time, he prefers to just go along for the ride. According to Gabriel, that’s what allows him to remain open to new potential opportunities and surprises along the way.

Gabriel positively advises that when you are having a terrible day, don’t let it keep you down because you might just be hours or even minutes away from something amazing happening! In his words, he shares, “On the flip side, if it seems like everything is going your way and you don’t have a care in the world, you should still be mentally and emotionally prepared for tragedy and appreciate the happiness you have!”.

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Marco A. Calamassi is an italian born entrepreneur in the digital marketing and ecommerce space. He lives between Miami and his homeland.