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How To Lead a Happy and Healthier Life – Quick Tips 2020



How To Lead a Happy and Healthier Life - Quick Tips 2020

Who doesn’t like to live a happy and healthier life?? We all try to be, but we are not observing how Stress is eating out day to day life. Stress is the main culprit for many events in our life.

It’s because of a hectic schedule of life, job-related issues, personal issues, and in the end, we ended up leading a bed lifestyle, involved in bad habits such as unhealthy eating, drinking, and smoking.

By this time, we can relate the situation very well, and we all know life will be stress full; it can never be 100% stress-free. But by simple tips & gestures, we can make it manageable. So that without effective our mental and physical health, we can balance these worries.

Below are the simple hacks which can transform your life drastically. We all know these things but forget to practice. Let us remind all these again. ?

Be An Early Riser

This sound really thought for most of the people. I myself admit that it’s hard to be an early riser. But being late can be way more stressful, which can lead your life mismanaged. You can slowly practice this to leave earlier by getting ready earlier.

After practicing a few days, you will feel energetic and more productive in your day to day work. Things always take longer than normal, so we will have some buffer time for our family, work, and, most importantly, ourselves. We can utilize extra time for many things.

Don’t Be An Overthinker

Are you from these person categories ?? You find meaning in everything, and You think more than you do; You find it difficult to let things go? Then you are an overthinker.

By overthinking, you are not only worrying unnecessary, but you are wasting your valuable time too.

You cant achieve anything simply by worrying; instead, you can let things go.

You know that life is too short to be sad and Internally, you are damaging your health badly.

If you want to calm down your thoughts, then you must start practicing YOGA and  Meditation.

Live In The Present

Most of us don’t know how to live in the present. Being present always includes vulnerability, humility, and openness.

It is just an emotional mentality for being in the past or the future, which is in your head only, and You forget to ignore what’s going on in the present.

Your current relationships just get compared to a list of expectations and failed relationships. And you forget to recognize the present blessing that is currently showing you with love.

So for a better life, stop judging people and try to enjoy the moment you are currently.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Are you very busy these days? Being busy is a good thing until you know how to manage things. But when it gets hectic, it causes major high stress.

You can manage hectic day by simply reducing the number of commitments in your life to just the essential ones.

Let us confess this we all have 24 hours to work, and many people are utilizing this very wisely.  For a good practice schedule, only a few important things each day which has a higher priority.

Develop Healthy Habits

Involving good healthy habits are the best way to lead a happy life in the long run.

There are many healthy ways we can opt but start with few like including fruits and veggies, keep hydrating yourself, find some time to exercise.

Be it Yoga, Meditation, Gym anything. Eat healthy things at dinner; try to eat before 8 PM.

In Feng Shui, there are many ways you can promote good health.

All such activities can make your inner and outer self peaceful and happy.

Manage Your Finances

We all have to earn money to live and fulfill our financial needs. For many, this could be a really challenging part to handle money-related stress, which drains on your energy.

The good news is that there are ways to figure out ways to simplify things. Best financial management things start with savings plans. Spend less money by using Credit/Debit cards shopping (at malls or online) much less. There are ways you can have fun, too, without spending money.

Involving Into Good Hobbies

Involving yourself into a creative hobby is another great way to de-stress and to prevent stress. This is like out “ME” time, which we all need.

We all have some sort of creativity like writing, painting, or listening to music or sketching or make pottery or do interior design or build things.

We can enhance these hobbies to make life more enjoyable and harmonious.

Stay Away From Toxic People

Let us deal with this bitter truth; we are surrounded by many kinds of people in this world. Some have good vibes, and most of them have negative energies.

They always have to judge another person or to comment on something. Is there any way to deal with this situation? Yes, We can’t shut each and every person’s mouth, but we can ignore their negativity.

This looks not very practical but trusts me; this is the best thing we can do. Avoid toxic people if you want to grow in your life.

Don’t Overreact The Situation

There are many events that happen in our lives, which are not so pleasant. But do you thing overreacting can deal with the situation? Whatever happened just happened, and now you cant revert it back.

The thing which you can do best is that not making that event even worse by losing temper. Try to deal with it wisely. Once you start practicing these approaches, you will find better control over events.

Which can directly lead your life happy.

Set Your Goals – Long Term, Short Term

Setting goals into our life is very important, whether long term or short term. It gives us the ability to fulfill our ambitions and dreams.

Start with a week’s planner or next day goal-setting approach and work upon it. And then work on long term plans.

Bhawana Rathore is a passionate SharePoint Architect having around 10 years of IT experience in the industry. She has been recognized by Microsoft as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Office Apps & Services twice. She writes at and helping people to enhance their lives by sharing Feng Shui related information at FengshuiTricks Youtube Channel. She is also a co-founder of , KnifeAndFork.Info