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How You Should Create a Personalized and Unique Employee Appreciation Gift Strategy?



employee appreciation gifts

When it comes creating a great company culture, a core aspect of that is to make your employees feel appreciated, motivated and build a trust with them.

When someone gets motivated they become more eager to put in their best foot forward, and the loyalty quotient also increases. It leads to a happy and inspired workplace.

Employee Appreciation Gifts – A Small Gesture That Goes a Long Way

We all have an innate tendency to feel appreciated. And that validation is much more resounding when we get appreciated at our workplace. Even getting a ‘thank you’ note goes a long way in boosting performance, productivity and overall morale. This applies to all the people, irrespective of where they are working, what level they are at.

This is where employee appreciation gifts can play a big role in boosting your workforce, create a healthier competition, and make them striving to showcase their full potential. It can be small gift, a snack, or a gift hamper, or even a paid vacation; any appreciation gift item carries that potency to bring a smile onto their faces and stir them.

How About Giving a Personalized Appreciation Gift?

Whether you want to show your gratitude to your employees on Employee Appreciation Day, or want to thank a particular team member for their effort and results, a cookie-cutter approach won’t suffice anymore. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and getting that hard-earned appreciation is so much valued for them.

Thereby, you need to plan a gifting idea that is more than just formality. Of course, it is the intention and way you gift them something that will create that spark of excitement.

How to Plan Your Employee Appreciation Gifts?

Ideal employee gifts to appreciate their contribution should be something that is special and personal. It must be something that they love receiving, sharing about with others and feel elated.

Your employee appreciation gifts can include:

  • Something unique related to their personality
  • Which matches their likeness
  • A surprise gift
  • A personalized gift that carries an emotional touch
  • A memorable gift that they will love and cherish in the future
  • Something that works to enhance their skillset, work efficiency
  • A meaningful gift that feels close to their life

Certainly, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to deciding on the gift. However, a unique strategy and planning will definitely take you miles ahead and win hearts.

A Unique Approach to Employee Appreciation Gifts – Create a Store They Can Select and Pick Their Gifts From

How interesting it could be if you create a platform that allows employees to check and pick the right gift as per their liking and preference. Sounds great, right?

Yes, you can do that for sure.

And for all this – You get the ideal platform to craft your gifting strategy and process – SwagMagic.

How SwagMagic Can be The Perfect Channel to Deliver Unprecedented Gifting Experience?

This one is a platform that provides you multiple ways to gift. And that too easily, effortlessly, and in an all personalized and curated way.

  • You just need to create a swag store, and add items, matching the preference and likeness of your employees.
  • You can also create swag kits, consisting of different items that you can send to your recipients.
  • Now, all you have to do is give the recipients a stipend so that they can visit your store and redeem that, picking the item they like.
  • The best part about this platform is that you can add pre-purchased items in your store, as well as get customized gift options from them. Rest, the platform will take care of all things related to designing, packaging and shipping.

Isn’t it wonderful? – A cool way to gift your employees with an option to pick from options, whilst being super comfy for you too.

You can do this whenever you want, once every month, on the special employee appreciation day, or anytime else. Also, whether you want to gift one employee, or want to share the gifts with thousands, it works as you like.

So, leave aside the traditional, ordinary ways to gift. Adopt this new, cool and amazing method to add a touch of class, personalization and ‘wow’ factor to your employee appreciation gifts approach.