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Kilimanjaro Awaits: On 9-Day African Summit Trek, Roam Wild Adventure Invites Hikers to ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’



Kilimanjaro Awaits: On 9-Day African Summit Trek, Roam Wild Adventure Invites Hikers to ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’

Imagine waking up in a tent, on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, to the chatter of Colobus and Vervet monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

That’s just day one of Roam Wild Adventure’s 9-Day Northern Circuit Route, an excursion that offers a singular perspective on Africa’s highest point and the world’s tallest freestanding mountain.

An ever-evolving landscape unfolds over the days that follow. You move through tall shrubs to a glacial zone and have the option spend an evening sleeping at the edge of a glacier rim. All told, you begin your journey in the rainforest and move through four different climate zones.

Through it all, you will discover how “Dream, Believe, Achieve” is not just Roam Wild Adventure’s slogan—it’s a call to action. And it informs everything this company does, from base camp to summit.

“Our company began with inspiration born out of the indelible impression left upon us from the day we first set foot in Tanzania, and developed as an aspiration to make the beauty, splendor and unique culture of the Kilimanjaro region accessible to all,” said Roam Wild Adventure founder Helen Soto.

Roam Wild Adventure lets Soto indulge her passion for adventure while giving back to local communities in the Kilimanjaro region, raising global awareness and driving sustainable and responsible adventure tourism.

A key component of Roam Wild Adventure’s business operation is its partnership with Tomorrow’s Air, which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through carbon capture and storage in vessels that include plants, soils, depleted oil wells and cement.

Roam Wild Adventure is also working to join the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, which lends mountain clothing to porters free of charge; advocates for fair wages and ethical treatment by companies climbing Kilimanjaro; and encourages adventurers to select climbing companies that act responsibly toward their crews.

“We want to leave the communities where we operate and the environment a better place,” Soto said.

As for the 9-Day Trek, the Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route is a relatively new route that climbs the more scenic and tranquil western slope of Kilimanjaro. This route is the only one that traverses the mountain. Group hiking excursions rarely venture onto this route less frequently, so the Roam Wild Adventure contingent enjoys a special solitude that amplifies the most picturesque path and peaceful ascent to Africa’s highest point.

Set to get under way again in February 2023, Roam Wild Adventure’s 9-Day Northern Circuit Route begins and ends in Moshi, Tanzania; welcomes adventurers who can hike 4-5 miles per day; and reaches a maximum altitude of 5,895 meters/19,341 feet. Meals are prepared fresh daily on the mountain by Roam Wild Adventure’s chef, which means that a hot dinner awaits everyone following a long day of hiking. All dietary needs can be accommodated.

Also, all guides have extensive experience, training, certification and knowledge of the region, with one guide typically on hand for every two hikers, and on average three porters per hiker.

Visit for information and let them help you plan your trek.

Fazy is a contributor at Kivo Daily and many more notable publications.