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List of Flowers for Your Furry Friends




When purchasing flowers for pet owners, it is considerate to remember that animals like cats and dogs are naturally intrigued about anything that catches their eye as they wander around the house. They like exploring their curiosity by touching, smelling, biting, or even nibbling at the plant if it appears intriguing enough to pique their appetite. Pet care is usually a pet owner’s main responsibility, yet it can occasionally be challenging or impossible to watch after them continually. Numerous flowers, including lilies, chrysanthemums, tulips, delphiniums, peonies, clematises, azaleas, and calla lilies, are poisonous to pets and can have terrible health consequences if swallowed. \

Make sure the online flowers you get are pet-friendly and won’t injure these adorable four-legged fluffy babies if you have a pet and enjoy having flowers in your garden or want to give flowers to someone who owns a pet. Here is a list of seven flowers you can enjoy in your home. 

Gerbera Daisy – Flowers 

Pet owners can enjoy the vibrant gerbera daisy all day without feeling guilty. Gerbera daisies bloom in the brightest colors of pink, red, yellow, and white, are extremely popular, and stand for joy, vivacity, and purity. However, keep your gerbera daisy flower arrangements out of reach of your paw baby because flowers, or any plant, aren’t a typical component of its normal diet. 


After they have established themselves in your landscape, these flowering shrubs will come back year after year with little maintenance. Older plants may not require much irrigation and camellias like a small bit of shade. The plant will require some watering if it is young in order to establish its roots.

Sunflowers – Flowers

Sunflowers are not toxic to either humans or animals. Both the bloom and the tasty sunflower seeds are edible; in some cases, people will consume sunflowers for therapeutic purposes. Tinctures from sunflower leaves and petals are regularly applied to coughs and phlegm. Sunflowers are the perfect flower to use to help decorate your home because they are not only safe to eat but also safe for your four-legged pals. 

Spider Plant 

The spider plant is a colorful tropical plant that is well-liked by homeowners for its capacity to withstand dim lighting. However, what matters most to pet owners is that they are safe for animals. Put it somewhat out of reach if you want to stop your animal companions from chewing on the leaves. Naturally, cats can get to almost anything, and since the spider plant has a minor hallucinogenic effect, cats are even more intrigued by it. If you have a cat, stay away from it or keep it in a place they don’t frequently visit. 

Marigolds – Flowers

Beginners will love these vibrantly colored blooms, which are also a bee favorite.  These flowers also have the cool feature of being edible; you can use them as a garnish on desserts, cheese plates, or even your favorite beverage. 

Calathea Orbifolia 

Choose a Calathea Orbifolia for something more enticing and attractive. Large, rounded leaves on this attractive plant have an eye-catching pale silver linear pattern. This plant will grow indoors with the right care. Please keep it in an area with high humidity and away from direct sunlight. The Orbifolia, a member of the Calathea family, and all Calathea plant variants are non-toxic. 

Petunias – Flowers

Petunias are stunning flowers that bloom through the spring and fall, but are they good for pets? Yes, they are, and we are delighted to report. In addition to being pet-friendly, they are occasionally used as food and cocktail garnishes. They taste hot and sweet, did you know that? You don’t have to do it since we did! 


There are no detractors of the lovely flower blooming with twirling petals. Not even animals! Get roses online as they bring a touch of grandeur to any situation because of their striking shape and vivid colors. Roses in bloom enhance the beauty of the landscape in outdoor areas. But don’t let their beauty deceive you. Not all roses are pure. For your furry buddies, primrose, desert rose, rosebay, and moss may be harmful. Additionally, the thorns on roses are a warning sign for cats and dogs since they can result in cuts and scrapes. 

Being a committed dog parent and having a green thumb doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you already have a list of equally lovely and secure flowers for your canine partner. Add dog-safe flowers to your landscape and house to bring color and enjoyment into your life.