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Major Challenges of Youth in Today’s World



Major Challenges of Youth in Today’s World

The youth of today is confronting many serious challenges than their previous generations used to do. We are seeing a surge in the cases of depression and other mental illnesses, which are mainly linked with high stress. What’s worse is that their countless problems are making them rebellious too. 

This discussion is important as youth play a major role in the development of a country, be it socially, politically, or economically. So, there is a certain obligation from all of us to guide our young people onto the right path.

In this article, we will explore some of the basic problems that are concerning young adults today and also the solutions for it. If the youth can somehow beat these obstacles, their social wellbeing would be guaranteed in the forthcoming years. So, let us ponder over those issues one by one.


We are living in a society where materialism is encouraged pretty heavily. Success today is measured by how much material or wealth is acquired by a person. It is only natural that this kind of thought process gets into the younger generation quickly. We had come a long way since the days when we used to buy things only if it was required. Now we see a trend where the youth wants to acquire everything that comes in front of their eyes. They should be made understood that owning stuff is never related, either to success or happiness. 

Social Media

Most youth today are dependent on social media for showing their personal worth. Also, according to a survey, 7 in 10 teens ages 13-17 report checking social media more than once a day. This behavior is nothing short of dangerous as excessive use of social media can be a way to avoid reality. Online crimes like cyber-bullying can affect the personality of the victim, even wrecking their career. So, if you are a parent, you may need to ensure that your child is not spending endless time on social media. 

Hitting Puberty Earlier 

The innocence of today’s children seems to be fading away too quickly, mainly due to the environment and habitat they are exposed to now. The internet also seems to be bombarding their delicate minds with unwanted information and adult-related content. As mentioned above, parents should be vigilant of their online activities and also must encourage healthy habits in them. Teaching them about the importance of hobbies also goes a long way in channelizing their energy into creative things.  


Stress and peer pressure, to some extent, can make an average teenager today addicted to several substances. We are seeing a huge rise in cases where young working adults are dependent on alcohol and smoking relieve their stress. Addictions may seem like a stress buster on the surface, but in reality, they only add to the misery. Those who are into binge-drinking should consider trimming their quota to quit the habit slowly. For smokers, there are various alternatives to smoking, to kick the habit of cigarettes pretty quickly.


Most of the youth today have the habit of traveling in climate-controlled cars and living in a climate-controlled environment. This has made them accustomed to sitting ideal for a long period of time. Their unhealthy diet also creates a situation where they gain a lot of weight in a short period of time, commonly known as obesity. The health consequences of obesity in children need to be taken seriously, and hence it is imperative to make a positive change in their lifestyle. 

Facing Bullying at school

The kind of atmosphere a school provides plays a crucial role in a child’s overall development. It is hence essential that schools be clear and strict against the practice of bullying. Kids who are bullied develop increased feelings of anxiety and depression. This can even threaten their future as bullying also leads to a severe lack of concertation in studies. Teachers and administrators need to be aware of what is happening around the school premises and also intervene if any cases of bullying are happening.  


Youth are important segments of society, and their wellbeing decides the trajectory of a country’s development. Empowering them is extremely important if we are to create a happy and peaceful world. By effectively addressing the above challenges, we can ensure our youngsters are staying in superb physical and mental health, which is also the need of the hour now.

Mila Jones is a Senior Business Consultant, with rich experience in the domains of technology consulting and strategy, she works with both established technology brands and market entrants to offer research inputs and insights on leveraging technology as a source of strategic competitive advantage. She is a prolific author and shares her expertise with tech enthusiasts on popular digital publishing platforms. She loves not only to write about several topics but also loves to explore new ideas about Lifestyle, Travel blogs and many more.