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MEET EB4REAL – Clean, Observational-life comedian that makes you laugh your socks off!



EB4REAL is a San Diego based comedian who was born to make people laugh. Ever since he was a young man he knew how much joy laughter could bring to the people who surrounded him. When he realized that he had the talent to make people laugh, he never wanted to stop. Comedy became EB4REAL’s passion and he turned that passion into a career. Now, EB4REAL is thriving in his career as a clean comedian. He chose to pursue clean comedy because he never wanted to make his audience uncomfortable while listening to his set. EB always makes sure to create his comedy sets around something honest and around something that his audience can easily relate to. EB4REAL finds it the most empowering when he looks into the crowd and they are “nodding their heads in agreement because they’ve had similar situations occur.” Clean comedy has gotten lost with the political agenda and dirty, vulgar comedy is not and will never be his comedic style.

EB thrives off of observational comedy. He wants to give his audience new material in every set he performs. He never wants to use something overused in most comedy sets, or something his audience has heard elsewhere. When he sees something in his everyday life that catches his eye, he can create a comedy set about it that gets his audience roaring with laughter. When we asked him to tell us the funniest thing that he has witnessed recently, he told us a story about people who eat food without a plate or paper towel. He elaborated and said that he “came around the corner the other day and some lady was eating some candy that was poured out on top of her desk with the package folded up neatly next to the candy. Like why couldn’t she just leave her candy in the package?” EB loves observational comedy because he can’t make it up and his audience knows that. He is a hilarious guy who takes everyday experiences and turns them into the funniest set you have ever heard.

No matter how many times he performs, he still gets nervous. EB4REAL wants to give the best show he can but “the anticipation of not knowing how an audience will respond” still gets him anxious before a show. He is a performer and knows that his audience just wants to see a performance, but in the end he believes in his comedic and relatable ability. He loves performing and making his audience laugh while he continues to build a fanbase. EB4REAL has big goals and dreams in his life and his passion for laughter and comedy is ever present.

Check out his website to learn more at EB4REAL.COM

Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR