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Most Popular Craft Beer Types You Really Need to Know



Most Popular Craft Beer Types You Really Need to Know

Craft beers are becoming trendy, and there is a good reason for it. There is a prevalent opinion that something that is made in smaller quantities has a better quality to it than a mass-produced product. Smaller companies tend to put more effort into the quality of their product because they usually make smaller quantities of it. 

Beer is a part of our everyday culture, so ensuring the individuality and quality of it is the most important thing we can do to make the culture stronger.

But do not think that these microbreweries are only now starting to emerge. There has always been craft beer, and we hope that there will always be. The thing that helps the craft beer be stronger now and overrule the industry-made brands are the fact that you can advertise your product more seamlessly than ever in history, thus easily creating a competition for the more established brand.  

We will stick to the modern craft beer industry, which started to flourish in the 1960s when a man named Fritz Maytag bought a company called Anchor Brewing Company. Because his company started to become more popular, more people decided to start making their own craft beers. Most of these individuals were making the beer for their personal use, but some of them had a business mind and started opening their own craft beer companies. At this point craft, beer brewing was mostly just a hobby. But it was because of Jack McAuliffe that we know so many different craft beer types. He was in the U.S Navy, and he had visited many places and tasted many different beers, which motivated him to start experimenting with his own company. He inspired so many people to get into the business, and the hobby suddenly became a job. 

That is a good thing for us as consumers because now the race is not about who has more money and more means to create popular beer, but who has the quality of the beer we want. 

If all this talk about the quality of microbreweries is getting you excited to try more craft beers, there is nothing better than investing some time and money and joining in. Although you may think that making beer is a hefty work, it is not that hard if you have the right information. That is why you should try to make your own beer. First of all, it is enjoyable to do, and second of all, you will learn so much more information about the beverage that you had no idea about. For example, did you know that the study of beer is called Zythology? 

Maybe you have not yet had many opportunities to try a good craft beer, but you are overwhelmed by so many brands and kinds on the market today, here is some guide to slowly setting your foot in the vast land of craft beers. These are some of the craft beers you definitely must try. 

India Pale Ale

You either love IPAs, or you hate them. It is never in-between. But it deserves so much more than a simple yes or no question because there is so much variety to this type of beer. Usually, people dislike it because the taste is much more bitter than in other beer types, but that is not always true. Not all IPAs are bitter. That is exactly the beauty of craft beer! It is so much different than what standard beer used to be, so now, when you go into your local brewery, and you see some new type of beer you have not seen before, you are not sure what to expect. So if you never liked IPAs because of their bitterness, but you feel like exploring the taste just a bit more, try some India Pale Ale for a fruity flavor of IPA that will tickle your taste buds. 

American Pale Ale

Although it has British origin, American pale ale deserved its spot as a famous and very lover beer worldwide. It has a fruity taste that most people reminds of a citrus flavor, and that is why it is perfect for enjoying it with your favorite meal or a dessert, even. 

Amber & Red Ale

Whether you are a fan of American Pale Ale, but sometimes you are looking for something that is much richer in taste, try Amber and Red Ales. It has a fascinating reddish and earthy color and much stronger caramel taste than American Pale. 


When you walk into a pub, you will see a huge menu filled with IPAs because they tend to be the most popular. But, if you do not like going with the crowd, turn the pages until you reach the Lager section. But the menu should not surprise you because making Ales is a much easier and faster process than making a Lager. Although you may be already accustomed to the more traditional types of Lager, like the European beer styles, if you are feeling rather adventurous, you should give a chance to Indian Pale Lager. Once you do, there is a big chance that it will become one of your favorite beers to drink. 

White – Belgian Style

Unlike the American Pale Ale, the Belgian witbier is Belgian in origin. It has a lot of whet (and sometimes oats), which makes it a bit cloudy, but that is its charm. The best part is that it is always spiced with orange peels, coriander, and other herbs, which gives it a unique taste. It is also really high in carbonation.

Stouts and Porters

Probably the biggest question you are asking yourself right now is: What is the difference between the two? Well, the alcohol volume is their most significant difference. First came porter in the 18th century, and it proved to be a trendy drink. So the brewers tried to make it stronger. That is when stout was born. But today, many breweries are making a lot of crossover between the two, so there is not a lot of difference. 

Now the craft beer became a trendy industry, and it is expanding every year. In 2019 there were over 8,000 craft breweries in the U.S. The varieties of tastes are endless, and it seems as we won’t be running out of new flavors and variation any time soon. So start experimenting with your own local brewery and support the industry that is growing exponentially. Keep in mind craft beer often contain a higher alcohol percentage than regular beer, so please drink responsibly.



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