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Must-Know Facts About Wedding Rings



In most wedding rituals and across a wide range of cultures, the custom of exchanging rings is well ingrained. Nothing is more lovely than watching a joyful couple swap rings while standing at the altar.

This makes it clear that wedding rings have a long history. It then makes sense that you want to know the lore and intriguing facts about wedding rings. These rings do speak for themselves.

Most people are familiar with the idea of wedding rings, what they stand for, and how to use them. But people are unaware of many details about these famous jewelry sets. So let’s look at some must-know facts about wedding rings. Read on to discover.

Wedding Rings; The Story

History experts usually believe giving your spouse a ring originated in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt stands as the oldest documented civilization where individuals exchanged “rings of love,” dating back 5,000 years ago. But there is no formal record tracing the wedding bands’ history. 

These rings are often made of braided reeds or leather, dating back to ancient Egypt customs. This tradition has been around for thousands of years. 

People believed the circle, or ring, was a potent emblem to the Egyptians. The band with no end symbolizes eternal life and love, while its openness is a doorway to uncharted lands. In their culture, rings were of great value, especially scarabs and signet rings.

The Greeks and Romans continued to wear signet rings as a personal signature. According to legend, the signet influenced some of Rome’s oldest known betrothal rings.

Rings served as devotional presents in Egypt. But in Greece, rings with figures of the god of love, Eros or his angels, were given to lovers as wedding rings. So it’s thought that the Romans were the ones who connected the ring to marriage; hence the name “wedding rings.“

A “Fede” ring, which features two hands clasped in love or agreement, is the most typical. These motifs might get carved in stone or pure gold, like a signet. They are often made of cornelian, aquamarine, or garnet.

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were the ones who first donned rings to symbolize eternity. This is so because a circle has no start or finish. It also mimics the form of the sun and moon, which were very sacred to the Egyptians. The Egyptians also believed that the gap in the center of a ring symbolized a doorway into the unknown.

Wedding rings are now the most sentimental jewelry you will wear. Of course, this is because they have a lot of emotional resonance. So, when you buy wedding rings for a special occasion, you are giving a rich history of love and devotion.

Why Wear It on the Left Hand?

It is general knowledge that husbands and wives wear wedding rings on the left-hand ring finger. But do you understand why the left-hand wedding ring is there?

Wearing the wedding ring on the left-hand date back to ancient times. This symbolism later became associated with the idea of eternal love. There are a few different theories on why this tradition began, with the most popular being its proximity to the heart.

By wearing the ring on the left hand, the bride and groom show that their hearts are now united. The left hand also symbolizes the hand of love and commitment. Wearing the ring on this hand signifies your commitment to your spouse.

Today, wearing the wedding ring on the left hand is still practiced in many cultures worldwide. It is a simple way to show that the person is now married and will stay committed to their spouse.

Another theory is that the left hand is the weaker hand, which makes it a symbol of the strength of the marriage. Regardless of the reason, the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left hand is a long-standing one that is still practiced today.

The Significance of Wedding Rings

The decision to wear a diamond wedding ring, or any wedding ring, is a very intimate and meaningful act. They serve as a symbol of the pledges you make. Making a formal promise is a unique opportunity. Marriage is a sacred affair in many ways.

A pledge is more than just a promise. Your promise is your word; hence it should not get ignored. You need to give it great thought and come to know your sentiments. 

This is what showcases the significance of the wedding ring. It emphasizes the rings’ importance. They act as an ongoing, minute-by-minute reminder of our dedication to keeping our word. Here are some of the significance of wedding rings you never knew.

It Shows Respect

The reminder that comes with your wedding band might help you make decisions with your spouse in mind. But having a wedding band on your finger has liabilities, one of which is respecting your spouse. 

It’s a signal of your new status. As such, you must carry yourself with said pride and respect.

Indicates Chivalry 

Wearing your wedding band may remind you to keep your spouse in mind when making decisions. So, you must treat your partner with the highest courtesy that comes with wearing a wedding band on your finger.


According to one theory, relationship stress may be the primary cause of infidelity. So, to avoid or divert any unwelcome attention, wearing your wedding band all the time is a fantastic alternative. 

Many couples show concern about it because it is one of the leading reasons for divorce. But none of that worry is present when you wear a wedding ring. As a result, it becomes evident that you are in a serious relationship with someone.

Bottom Line

As you shop for wedding rings, it’s essential to keep in mind the various factors that will affect them. Metal type, ring size, and style are all important considerations. But one of the most important factors to consider is the source of the rings. 

Many couples opt for lab-grown diamonds. They are eco-friendly and often less expensive than natural diamonds. But if you choose lab-grown or traditional diamonds, make sure to uphold the sanctity of the ring. This includes staying faithful, loyal, and courteous.