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Nashville is the next hot spot and here is why



Nashville is the next hot spot and here is why

In my experience, most people worth anything substantial are constantly thinking about their surroundings and their local advantages, be it people, places or things. Location, location, location baby. What does your local business, entertainment and dating market have for you? Are you in the best place to catalyze your success?

Just last year, I watched in horror with the rest of the country as many homes in Malibu burnt to the ground, including both of the homes I lived in. Many of my dearest friends lost millions of dollars and even the roof over their head in the Woolsey fire of 2018. Even writing this gives me the chills. I asked myself: why don’t I show them this gem of a place I’ve found? We’ve all heard of Nashville, but until one experiences it for themselves, they’re still in the dark.

What is Nashville? It’s a kick-ass city with a coveted expansion rate, in a state that’s cool enough to forgo the income tax. Nashville is home to the Predators, Titans, Sounds and pretty much every legendary country musician. Touting a stable economy, Nashville also gets bragging rights for having what seems to be less than one-eighth of the traffic of Los Angeles. Oh, and Amazon keeps moving their operations here.

We hosted the NFL Draft this year, according to visit music city, 600,000 people came to this glorious, bright, southern masterpiece of a city to enjoy the festivities! Essentially, Nashville is on the road upward on a fast pace and property values are climbing quick. If that wasn’t sweet enough, Nashville will soon be home to the best soccer stadium in the United States! Because of this, many businesses here are primed for massive expansion.

Nashville is magical. From day one, I have been impressed. Welcomed with southern hospitality, I moved here in 2016 and haven’t looked back. While Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart, I certainly don’t miss the pollution, gas prices, materialism, taxes and constant rat race of that special place. I have welcomed my new southern way of life with open arms and since grown exponentially…. not from the hot chicken sandwiches though.

With a extensive background in Real Estate, Construction and Sales, Mike Cimorelli jr has been pioneering the real estate market for over 7 years. He ran a successful short term rental business that paired celebrity clients with exotic homes, privately. He has logged over 450 hours of community service with public and private groups. Mike brings a high energy, responsible, yet tastefully rebellious edge to the world of real estate. Leveraging his noteworthy skill set, he is also a published professional photographer who leverages his artwork for many causes. He is currently having a blast running Platinum Hill Partners, a real estate team which he founded.