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Office Design Tips: Boosting Workplace Productivity



Office Design Tips: Boosting Workplace Productivity

If both you and your employees and colleagues have trouble staying focused lately and getting tasks finished in time, it’s time to change something. While you might want to re-evaluate your motivation, you can also make a few changes in your workspace. It’s truly amazing how our environment affects our productivity, so you might want to make your office as productive as possible with these design tips.

Minimize distractions

We already have enough distractions with us at all times (laptops, tablets, smartphones which all provide entertainment) so we don’t need to be additionally distracted by visual and audio clutter.

Minimize distractions

So, try to keep things simple when it comes to design and remove all the mess that’s cluttering your space. Closed storage, desks with drawers and platen of shelving will help keep things tidy. You can also provide workers with noise-canceling headphones so they can work in peace.


Innovative furniture

Adjustable tables and chairs are key to comfort and productivity. They can provide every worker with a healthy and comfortable work position during long work hours. However, they will get a little boring after a while, so you might want to fill your space with something more innovative. Lounge furniture is a great addition to every office, especially for those people who need a change of scenery every once in a while in order to stay motivated and inspired. Standing desks and treadmill desks (the latter are quite expensive though) can also reduce the effects of the sedentary lifestyle and give people options when it comes to their work environment.


Practical Lightning

Natural light is the best choice of lighting by far. It’s good for the mood, productivity, and health and it will even allow you to save a few dollars on electricity. So, if you have access to sunlight, make sure to get it inside of your office.

Practical lighting

And, if the sun gets too harsh, it’s very easy to control your sunlight amount with window blinds that can be adjusted and readjusted with ease. These cost very little, come in various shapes and sizes and can be installed on almost any window. When sunlight is scarce, consider adding some lamps to your office to accompany your typical fluorescent office lighting. They look much better and offer more variety when it comes to design and lighting levels.


Control the temperature

This might be the number one complaint in the office and also one that greatly affects productivity. When you spend most of your workday shivering or boiling, your brain is not left with that much energy to focus on the tasks, which will result in reduced productivity. Keep your office temperature somewhere between 70 and 73°F or 21 and 23°C. Provide good ventilation and employ your blinds when things get too hot. In the winter, turn to your heating system and consider changing the dress code (hoodies and sweaters are perfect for the coldest days).


Add some color

While it’s important to keep your workspace simple and uncluttered, it’s also good to give it some character to boost interest, motivation, and productivity.

Add some color

Many workers report that they feel more vibrant when surrounded by primary colors. However, painting your entire office red or green isn’t a good idea, but adding a few splashes to your neutral walls might do the trick and stimulate your workers. And, these colorful details can always be changed, so you can keep things fresh all the time.


Add some greenery

You don’t have to turn your office into a rainforest, but surrounding your office with some greenery is a great way to boost employee productivity. Plants have a calming effect on people which can help them battle stressful situations at work and stay more focused. Plus, some types are very good at filtering the air and removing various toxins from the environment while replacing them with fresh oxygen.


Include a view

Even if you have plenty of greenery inside your office, you can also provide your workers with pleasant views of the outside world, especially if your office overlooks a park or any area with trees. Staring off into the distance is great as well (check 20-20-20 rule) even if you only see the sky, people and cars.

Try these excellent design tips and you’ll see that you and your employees and colleagues feel better and more motivated to give it your all at work. Expect instant results!

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media and latest business technologies. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.