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Passion Intermingled with a Strong Will can Set You on the Propitious Track Like Nehemiah Nemo Douglass



Nehemiah Nemo Douglass

Only dreaming isn’t enough, one should also dream big, similar to Nehemiah Nemo Douglass, the American serial entrepreneur, and investor. As every narrative of success is unique, Nehemiah’s chronicle is nonetheless. With grandeur and splendor beyond comprehension, his prominence and affluence are transcendental. Unlike every other voyage to success, Nehemiah has proven to be a prodigal mind, with a vision.

Though it is said that Interest in The Colombian Cannabis Sector is growing daily and with no surprise. Those already operating in the sector have experienced commercial success and newcomers are looking to get involved and stake their claim in the market. With markets in North American opening up to cannabis, both legally and recreationally, the business opportunities for both local and foreign cannabis producers in Colombia continue to grow.

Where the use & legalization of drugs is concerned, the last half-century has seen the world go through some rather interesting cycles, to say the least. The period from the 60s to the 80s alone brought about radical changes worldwide with respect to drugs, clamping down on a wide range of drugs being used for recreational purposes. Colombia is putting itself in position to be a leader in the world export market; Colombian willingness to take advantage of the changes in legislation elsewhere combined with the apparent comparative advantage in production is helping the nation reach this substantial goal, and fast. Considering the fact that cannabis has a multitude of uses for medical purposes, as well as the controlled recreational use in countries that allow it, Colombia is all set to capitalize on the evolving legal standpoint on cannabis usage.

A consummate skillset mingling with ideologies and methods par-excellent, Nehemiah is bound to enjoy herculean success. An investor, his first few successes were unfurled from the foreign exchange market. A proclivity towards sustaining and aiding others led to the formulation of ideas brimming with innovation. He engendered an online trading academy- Market Makers Inc, burgeoning to the count of 3500 global active students and learners. Nehemia’s perspective has always been out-of-the-box. Being an opportunist, he never lets them slide away. To him, every opinion matters and every learning is a stepping stone.

No doubt the scope of the Medicinal Cannabis sector in Colombia is grand and awaiting potential entrants. Entering this type of market holds huge gains for those who do so correctly but entering this way relies on effective knowledge of local laws and a sound formation strategy. The process of setting-up isn’t always the easiest to understand and implement in Colombia, so it’s advisable to receive assistance from a local law firm with a good understanding of the local legislation.

Effective and efficient ideation, amalgamated with his concrete and consummately elegant skillset, leads to the creation of progressive thought process, and aids in the betterment and improvisations. A keen traveler, he also made an excursion trip to Medellin, Colombia, last year in 2019. Discovering and realizing that the country was on the track to become the leading supplier of marijuana by 2025, he dwelled deeper into the subject. Nehemia soon engendered his own company- Gentlemen’s cannabis company, geared up to be the kingpin of the trade and master the industry. The only black-owned firm, the company is proclaimed to generate an 8-figured revenue in the forthcoming 2 years, by 2023.

An industry rarely touched, Nehemiah has always been a seeker of chances and opportunities. Cannabis is used for multitudinous purposes, from recreational to medicinal. Researching and developing in the arena unveiled uncountable fields of utilization. Introducing cannabis strains to the market, Nehemia feels that this was the ‘missing’ factor of the trade. To aid the medical patients, regarding energy focus and clarity, the strains would succor them immensely.

The research on the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids has been limited in the United States, leaving patients, health care professionals, and policymakers without the evidence they need to make sound decisions regarding the use of cannabis and cannabinoids. This lack of evidence-based information on the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids poses a public health risk.

A man with a prodigal vision and capable of turning tides to his benefits is bound to be at the dais of the zenith. With ideologies and conviction of that as Nehemiah’s, a person becomes praiseworthy. We hope he remains as commendable as ever!