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Photographer, Artem Shestakov Showcases World’s Road Less Traveled Destinations, including Pakistan, Mongolia, and Indonesia



Artem Shestakov

Photography takes you out to the farthest part of the world in an instant without leaving where you are in the first place. Capturing beauty that the world can offer. With over a thousand sights to see in this world, it is impossible to visit all of those places at once. The logistical challenges, physical endurance, to name a few, demands perseverance and persistence to reach those places. Most of the audience relay on photographs to experience the visual beauty that it has to offer.

Driving for more than 10,000 kilometers in one month, 27-year old Ukrainian photographer Artem Shestakov captures the perfect locations and scenery to some of the world’s most off the beaten path destinations including Pakistan, Mongolia, and Indonesia. It is yet a gamble to go beyond the ordinary, taking chances to capture the unique beauty that these remote places can offer.

Not letting any challenges stop him, Shestakov goes beyond the distance. As he expresses and illustrates his dedication to Miami’s art scene, Shestakov captures sceneries and showcases what photography can encapsulate through travel and art. His efforts of driving through the road less traveled paid off as he won the award as the second best photographer in the Art Fair. 

It is not an easy road to take. His success has not been an overnight endeavor. Shestakov’s photography experience totaled to his years of photographic work and hardship as he has taken years of demonstration and emotion to make the audience feel connected to travel and art. If asked about his unique and creative process as a photographer,  “Always before taking any photo I always ask myself; what feelings will this photo evoke in other people,” says Shestakov.

Most recently, Shestakov participated in the Coral Gable Art Festival where he won the award for Second Best Photography. The Art Fair at Coral Gable plays host to some of the world’s most diverse and upcoming artists. It is a well-known and expanding exhibition that had been on since March 7. The “Artist Village” garnered over 150,000 visitors every year with travel photography to live music, with more than 350 exhibitors.

Artem Shestakov is taking his experience and showing it to the world through the art of photography. He is working on expanding his reach, not limited to public screenings and exhibits, but also reaching all over the world in an instant. Shestakov also showcases his photography through his Instagram, with over 1.1 million followers. Ranging his coverage from different corners of the world, he is continuing to capture moments and evoke emotions through his photographs.

As a photographer’s job demands a lot of time and travel, Artem Shestakov spends most of his time traveling and capturing sceneries along the way. The lifestyle demands a busy schedule and constant movement from one place to another and Shestakov is willing to go through it all. Spanning from different landscape ranges of the world, through beaches, mountains, islands, deserts, icy mountains, and buzzing cities. Taking in all he can stumble on through the lens, showing a glimpse of the world from a point of view of a traveler and a photographer.

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