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Providing Medical Care In Pakistan How To Make A Difference In Lives



Providing Medical Care In Pakistan How To Make A Difference In Lives

The medical care delivery system in Pakistan includes the public and private sectors. However, Pakistan doesn’t have any national health insurance system officially, which is why 78% of the population pays health care expenses themselves. The health of the people is the primary responsibility of the provincial government under the constitution. According to researchers, the recently elected government has a unique opportunity to push through reforms and take benefit of recent constitutional changes that devolve Medical aid in Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan are facing health issues daily and they are not able to pay for their medical treatments. Therefore, we need to do something to help those needy people so that they can live normally again. Now we will discuss below how to make a difference in the lives of people by providing them with medical care.

Provide them with nutrition

A lack of enough nutrition for children causes a high number of child deaths in Pakistan. Around 40 per cent of children in Pakistan are underweight and more than half are affected by a lack of nutrition. Therefore, we need to help those people who don’t have enough food to eat in their daily lives. We should provide them with nutrition so that they will not face any issues of diseases and infections. Mostly, children are more affected in Pakistan by the lack of nutrition. However, it causes diseases and infections the children not having enough nutrition in their daily lives. Most of the charitable foundations provide affected and infected people with medical aid by appealing for medical aid in Pakistan. They help needy people by giving them medical treatments for their health issues. This helps a lot to make a difference in the lives of needy and poor people.

Reduce Lifestyle diseases

In the past two decades in Pakistan, non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart problems have been replaced with communicable diseases such as malaria, dengue, and diarrhoea as the leading causes of death. This happens due to the lifestyle and environment of people in Pakistan. Therefore, it is called a lifestyle disease as it causes by the lifestyle of the victim. Just like people living in forest areas are affected by their lifestyles. They are unable to get great food in their daily lives as the lack of sources. In addition, they don’t have enough resources to avail of and eat great quality food which causes their deaths or diseases. This is why we should help those people to reduce lifestyle diseases in Pakistan.

Donate to the trusted foundations

This is the most common way to help needy and privileged people by donating to trusted foundations. Zohra Foundation is one of the most trusted foundations in Pakistan that provide medical care to needy people. Therefore, you should donate to this foundation as much as you can to help people who require medical care. This foundation will provide needy people with medical care with the help of donations from all over the world. This is why most people prefer donating to foundations to help needy people.