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Recording Audiobooks For Money: How To Become An Audiobook Narrator




If you’re thinking of creating a side business making audiobooks to earn money could be the ideal task for you. The side hustle of learning becoming an audiobook narration expert can complete at home from your couch and with no requirements.

If you’re interested, continue reading to find out what tools you’ll need to have, the amount of money you could earn as well as where to look for job opportunities, and what qualifications you’ll require to be a the success you desire.

What exactly does an audiobook narrator do?

An audiobook narrator who reads loudly and record the narration of a book or text. Narrators employ their appealing and soft voices to tell stories with their captivating voices.

Contrary to other work that requires advanced technology capabilities, you don’t need any prior skills or experience to earn money making audiobooks.

The requirements for becoming an audiobook narration

Speaking out loud isn’t very difficult, but it does require practice and skill. Narrators tell a story and the way you tell the story will make or break the audience. This article will help you become an audiobook narrator using these essential capabilities.

Arts and Languages: Be able to clearly and accurately pronounce every word within the text.

Breath Control: The ability to read long paragraphs without breathing heavily.

Controlling your voice: Having control over the speed, tone, and the volume that your voice emits.

Tempo: Make sure you are able to read text in an effortless flow and that’s easy to understand.

The steps to becoming an narration in six simple steps

If you’ve satisfied the above mentioned requirements, you’re now ready to move on to the next step. Find out how you can become an audiobook narrator taking these steps.

1. Find other audiobook narrations

Every audiobook narrator has something distinctive that makes their performance unique. In reality, a good narration doesn’t just deliver a captivating narrative, but increase book sales. Before you take out your microphone make sure you read up on the masters.

It is possible to start by listening to your most-loved audiobooks and then observing the things that stand out to you.

If you’re not sure what to do, has put together the names of the top audiobook narrations. The checklist contains Scott Brick, Cassandra Campbell along with Stephen Fry.

2. Try it out on your own and then record yourself

To earn money making audiobooks you’ll be required to learn. Like your shower singing, you might believe that your voice is good until you hear the recording.

You can record yourself reading from the book or a chapter in an own novel. After that, take a listen and see your voice.

Do you have a voice that is smooth or choppy? Do you have frequent pauses or do you use spaces?

Making yourself record and then listening to the recorded recording afterwards it can be uncomfortable. In the event that you do not sound exactly like Maya Angelou on your first attempt, it’s okay.

Take notes and listen to the areas where you can improve and record more. Continue to practice until you are at ease and confident in your recording.

3. Ask a friend to read aloud

After several rounds of self-critiquing, you’re in the position to earn a living. You might be excited to begin recording audiobooks to earn money however, performing some pro bono work could be beneficial prior to accepting clients.

Consider volunteering reading aloud to kids at your local book store, library or even at the elementary school. You can sign up to read loud for free on sites like

Through volunteering, you’ll be able to observe how people react to your voice. You can also learn the strengths of a narrator , and increase your confidence reading in a professional manner.

4. Make sure you upgrade your equipment

One of the primary ways to become an audiobook narrationist involves upgrading your gear and purchase an appropriate microphone. The microphones on your computer or cellphone isn’t enough.

There are a myriad of microphones with different price points to choose from. Self-publishing websites have released their list of the top microphones available to help you begin making money by recording your audiobooks.

After you’ve selected the perfect microphone, you’ll need to select an appropriate stand or microphone stabilizer to block out any unwanted sound.

Another important piece of equipment that can assist you in earning money to record audiobooks is headphones, an efficient computer and has sufficient storage capacity. Alongside an program to control and record recordings , like Audacity on PCs and Garageband to Macs.

With the basics installed, you’ll need to make sure that you have a quiet , soundproof recording space as well as audio software. It is easy to create the space within the closet or in a small space by placing foam tacks across the wall.

A quiet and a high-quality microphone, the final thing you’ll need is editing software that can aid you in making recordings sound more professional as well as improve the quality of the audio.

5. Create a demo

With your equipment all installed and some practice recordings in your repertoire and you’re in a position to make your demo. Learn how to become an audiobook narrator making a great demonstration.