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Regalia: A New Way For Women to Shop from Their Phone



It’s happened to all of us. We’ve all gone online shopping, saw an outfit that we completely love and instantly ordered it in our size. We eagerly waited for it to be delivered and once that doorbell rang, we immediately opened the box and put the outfit on… only to discover that the outfit we love doesn’t actually fit. We begin to become deflated as the disappointment sets in. Then, we had to decide what to actually do with the outfit – send it back for a refund, switch it for a different size (but who knows if that will fit right?) Maybe next time we end up ordering 3 sizes, only to return the 2 that don’t fit. Regardless, it was a waste of an order, a waste of time and a major expense to e-commerce companies.

Anyone who has shopped for clothes on their phone or on their computer, would have experienced this frustration at one point or another. Fortunately for online shoppers everywhere, Regalia is now here to ensure that the disappointment from ordering clothes in the wrong size is a thing of the past.

Founded by Robert Mull and Zack Lamb, Regalia is the newest mobile shopping app that brings together a vibrant community of curated users and enables them to view the clothes that they “fall in love” with on a REAL person with their exact measurements. The rapidly growing community is able to share and educate one another on sizing and fit in a safe and honest space. In Robert’s own words, “Regalia is a social commerce platform that’s dedicated to all things fashion: connecting people together based on key body measurements and style preferences to give them a new way to effortlessly shop online.”

Thanks to Regalia, shoppers no longer need to rely on general size guides or estimate their likely clothing size for a specific brand. Regalia does not only provide a unique shopping experience but it is one that’s truly tailored and personalized for each user. As Robert further describes, “Imagine walking into your favorite department store and knowing that every brand you love is there, and that every single item of clothing in sight is going to fit you.”

Not only is Regalia beneficial to shoppers, but it’s hugely beneficial to brands, retailers, and to our environment too. Accurate sizing, a precise fit, and satisfied shoppers mean a huge reduction in the amount of online returns and the pollution associated with them.

The fact of the matter is, while free returns may be an advantage, it comes at the cost of our planet due to the carbon footprint and waste generated by back and forth shipments. To make matters even worse, it is often more cost-effective for brands to send returned items to landfill rather than cleaning them and putting them back into their inventory. Regalia is making online shopping more eco-friendly because the chances of returns when using the app are slim to none.

Regalia is transforming the way we shop by creating communities of shoppers based on measurements and style preference. Regalia is not only the first app to give customers a truly tailored shopping experience but it’s a platform that’s genuinely prioritizing “Fashion for everyBODY.”

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Company Name: All Regalia (known as “Regalia”)
Founders: Robert Mull – CEO | Zack Lamb – President
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Instagram: @allregalia – instagram

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