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Ricky Aranda Helps High-Level Entrepreneurs Pursue Business and Lifestyle Opportunities



Enjoying freedom is one of the greatest marks of success: financial freedom, the freedom to pursue one’s passions, and the freedom to nurture personal relationships. American serial entrepreneur and global networking mogul Ricky Aranda has certainly attained a successful life, balancing his jet-setting activities with family responsibilities. He now hopes to connect with other high-level business owners and real estate owners to help them scale their companies and enjoy entrepreneurial freedom.

Ricky simultaneously embodies consistency and flexibility that allows him to excel in any chosen field. Finding himself involved in different industries, he has consistently demonstrated ambition, drive, and an extraordinary ability to multitask. He also has an undeniable capacity to recognize opportunities in any given situation which helps him adapt to various circumstances. This unique set of skills and characteristics have made him instrumental in the development of highly successful businesses. These include a cutting-edge biopharmaceutical company, a real-estate company, a cryptocurrency fund, and a private investment firm.

Even when he was still young, Ricky has been a natural leader who displayed an ability to positively influence those around him. In his real estate company in Tucson, Arizona, he leads a team of highly skilled agents who consistently exceed client expectations. His leadership skills are some of the greatest contributing factors to the freedom that he currently enjoys. From the beginning, he implements a long-term strategy with a strong focus on people and systems. Ricky’s approach builds leverage that enables him to earn money passively. His business empire pays even without his constant hands-on engagement, allowing him to continually seek for other business and lifestyle opportunities.

As a general partner at CAPVERTO, Ricky will benefit the new and emerging cryptocurrency as a whole with his expertise. Among the new breed of fresh practices that the company is known for is the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology to perform Bitcoin trading. Ricky has ventured into the cryptocurrency market and has big plans in 2020 growing it. 

In his pursuit of strategic opportunities to help develop businesses, Ricky taps into his global network which includes some of the world’s largest hedge funds. Throughout his career, he has gained a far-reaching influence that reflects his love for building and maintaining long-lasting relationships. As he continues to diversify his business ventures, he will also continue to build bridges that will expand his network.

When all is said and done, the greatest mark of success is the freedom to create special moments with one’s family. Ricky considers his role as a parent as his biggest accomplishment. He is a positive role model for his son in transforming one’s life through dedication and hard work.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine