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Spotlight on Dr. Antonio Harrison of Renaissance Behavior



Dr. Antonio Harrison

Meet Dr. Antonio Harrison…a devoted father, graduate school professor, varsity football coach, published author and behavior scientist that is giving parents and young fathers a new mindset about raising children today. His combination of charisma, compassion, and casualness is a refreshing approach from the doctor with the tie, fancy suit, luxury car, and life experience of normalcy. Dr. Harrison is the doctor who is fully tatted, dresses like you sound like you and has been through what you have.

Please give us your backstory.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, raised in Pasadena, CA.  My Father is Black, and my mother is Italian.  I am one of 5 siblings (3 half-brothers and 1 full sister). I was an athlete all my life as a swimmer, basketball player, football and track.  I played football as a 4-year starter in NCAA for Grinnell College and was All-Conference and Freshman Athlete of the Year.  A devastating knee injury finished my career and I moved back to California after graduating with a BA in Psychology.  I then went to graduate school while teaching in elementary public-school classrooms, private middle school, and high school.  I was also a Head Football Coach at the Varsity level for 6 years.  For the last two years, I have been the Defensive Coordinator at the Varsity level for a different high school.  I finished graduate school with a Masters & Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis.  My professional title is Behavior Scientist.  Besides currently coaching football, I teach graduate school for two universities, host a YouTube show/podcast called Doc’s Daily Dose for Dads.  I am also the owner/founder of Renaissance Behavior LLC and am currently working on a “pod book,” giving lectures and talks, providing retreats for Fathers and Sons, and looking to build a facility of resources for fathers and their children.

Dr. Antonio Harrison

We all have a story as to why we chose the professional paths we’re in, can you tell us about yours?

I grew up in the Los Angeles area during an era and culture that saw many parents become addicted to crack cocaine and face incarceration.  My father was no exception.  Throughout my childhood, my father was in and out of prison while fighting a losing battle to addiction.  I saw things and went through events that no child should ever have to face, forcing me to grow up at a very young age.  However, despite these unfortunate circumstances, the love of my Father spoke louder than any drug.  He was honest, open, and took accountability for all his shortcomings.  This truthful approach built a bond that calls us not only father and son today but best friends.  After a brutal knee injury playing college football, I finished my undergraduate studies and went on to graduate school to earn a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis.  I began a career teaching that found me training graduate students after a few years of bouncing around different schools and grade levels.  I also began to coach high school football.  Following graduate school, I took a 36-week intensive radio broadcasting course and began to focus on the world of podcasts.  Yet, I still had not found my so-called “calling.”  Years went by simply going through the motions.  I was fortunate to marry a beautiful woman who put up with my wavering of passion and supported me in whatever challenge I took.  We had three beautiful boys and it wasn’t until becoming a father I remembered Mrs. Russell from second grade.  She asked me, as all teachers do at that age, what I wanted to be when I grew up?  I responded, “A great dad and a basketball player.”  Well, my athletic career was over, but I still had the opportunity to be the great father I always hoped.  At that moment, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I teach.  I love kids and helping parents.  I love speaking in front of crowds.  I love being creative.  I coach high school boys.  I have knowledge based on education and life experience. I had a rough but great childhood that created a wonderful relationship with my father.  I have three boys.  Hell, it named itself.  That is when Renaissance Behavior and Doc’s Daily Dose for Dads was born.  I feel as though I am the messenger for a new generation of parents. We all need help and guidance in raising today’s youth, including myself.  The traditional notion of raising children is null and void in today’s world.

What is the primary focus of your practice?

The primary focus of Renaissance Behavior and the purpose behind Doc’s Daily Dose for Dads is to help fathers (all parents really) build a strong and lasting relationship with their sons (children) through open and honest communication based on trust, respect, and love.

Dr. Antonio Harrison

Why do you feel the emphasis on father/son relationships?

There is a specific focus on father/son relationships because I am staying in my lane, my lane of competency.  I am a son who has a great relationship with his father.  I am a father of three boys and I coach teenage boys.

Other reasons include the fact that I grew up among a generation and culture that saw many fathers absent in their child’s life due to drugs, incarceration, or simply leaving the home.  This lack of guidance led to further drug use, incarceration, and absentee dads, as we typically follow in the footsteps of our parents.  The cycle must be defeated for this world to produce honest, respectable, honorable, and upstanding young men who will eventually become fathers as well.

Lastly, we are living in an ever-increasing politically correct society and our level of vulnerability has increased due to technological advancement.  One benefit of this sentiment is it has exposed some very ugly people, who needed to be held accountable.  Consequently, most of those exposed have been men. The unfortunate side to this all is that it has led to a false idea of the concept of masculinity.  Masculinity has become synonymous with sexism, “machismo,” misogyny, racism, gender, and sexual inequality. This could not be further from the truth.  This is not masculinity. Thus, it makes it difficult to raise young, strong, masculine males today.  In understating the true definition of masculinity, a father can raise a boy to be a man that any man, woman, or child would respect.  (If you would like to know more about the definition of masculinity, please let me know)

What sets you apart as a company?

I have the education and the life experience, but the best part is I look like you, sound like you, and behave like you.  I am the clientele I serve and everything I do comes from a place of love and hope that I can provide value for the family unit and community.

How can we connect with you?

I can be reached in many ways.  All my contact information and access to my content are below.

Cell: 626.316.3622


Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat): @rebirthbx

YouTube Channel: Doc’s Daily Dose for Dads


Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR