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Stephen L Robinson Wants You to Experience God’s Power in Your Relationships



Pursuing God’s heart and God’s design is Stephen L Robinson’s mission. He received his MBA degree at the University of Phoenix in 2016 and is now a Christian Relationship Advisor living in Piscataway, NJ. After serving ten years in the military, Stephen has found his calling in providing relationship advice through God’s word.

The mission and the wisdom he shares now did not come to him in an instant. Stephen experienced the lowest of lows he went through two long-term relationships which ended tumultuously and left him heartbroken.

In his first long-term relationship, the woman cheated on him with thirteen different men, and the pain was too much for Stephen to bear. Upon receiving the news, he got in his car and started traveling 100mph. He had the feeling of wanting to run himself off the side of the road; when he heard God speak to him. Stephen did not go through with it and instead moved on with his life. He heard God’s voice, saying that He had so much more in store for him. The other relationship that ended painfully was six years long. The woman found happiness in another man because Stephen was a selfish partner in the relationship and only looked out for his own interest.

Two relationships ending in disappointment deeply distressed Stephen, but he believes that he was saved when God took him by the hand and led him to share His Word. Stephen focused his energy on studying relationships from a biblical perspective and has since changed the way people took care of their relationships.

In what seems to be his second chance at life, Stephen has accomplished many things in his path to becoming an instrument for God’s teachings. He is the now head Tribe Leader for the Love & Relationship Ministry at Transparency Church, and has written the book, ‘T.R.U.S.T.I.N.G 8 Letters That Will Revolutionize Your Relationship.’

Stephen is a renowned motivational speaker who has shared his philosophies with audiences throughout the United States and across the globe. He aims to help singles & couples keep their relationships healthy through God’s way, as he believes God’s way is the best.

Stephen wishes to reach out to everyone: singles and couples, non-Christians and Christians. “Everyone is made to foster some type of relationship with a friend, lover, colleagues, whoever it may be,” Stephen explains. He adds that he delivers his teachings in an unconventional style, which allows people to know about his faith, and perhaps encourage them to look more into Christianity.

Stephen understands the importance of using a personal approach that reflects his individual coaching style. “Most relationship coaches are using strictly experience and their personal opinion on what they think is right and wrong in a relationship. Whereas I’m going straight to the one who made relationships, God, and I’m grabbing my wisdom and knowledge from him to show people how to have a successful relationship by doing it His way.” Stephen states.

Stephen is launching the book T.R.U.S.T.I.N.G set to be released on June 5th. To follow Stephen on his journey to helping relationships anywhere in the world, visit his website, and follow him on Instagram @stephenlrobinson

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