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5 Steps To Turn Your Bedroom Into A 5-Star Hotel Room



5 Steps To Turn Your Bedroom Into A 5-Star Hotel Room

Everyone wishes they could settle into a 5-Star hotel room permanently and never look back, but it is possible to recreate the same vibe in your bedroom. There are many ways to replicate the ambiance of a luxury guest room back home with fresh laundry sheets and the well-curated elegant décor. However, you can enjoy the extravagance every night from the comfort of your own home by using hotel collection bedding, and luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your bedroom seem like a 5-Star hotel. We are going to give you a whirlwind course that contains five steps to create a boutique bedroom of your own i.e.

Choose a Perfect bed

The bed is kind of imperative in a bedroom. However, it is very important to choose a perfect bed as this will most likely be the biggest investment in the bedroom. Before buying one, consider your comfort, style, and quality of the bed. However, it would be challenging to find the best bed within a low budget. But many bedding companies like Bedding Comfort Store provide the best quality and eye catchy beds at affordable prices. There is a wide variety of styles, types, and designs of beds, like four-poster beds or large statement headboards, in the market. So you can choose any of these hotel collection bedding according to your liking.

2. Be your housekeeper

Returning to a pristine room after a long day of drinking, eating, and exploring a new city and not having to worry about making your bed each morning is one of the best parts about staying in a luxury hotel. According to the experts, you should certainly make efforts to tackle this chore as soon as you wake up every day. It will not only get you up and moving but also make your evening routine feel a bit more special. As when you come home tired, you will feel like you just walked into a 5-Star hotel bedroom that offered a turndown service.

3. Hang more Mirrors

Your bedrooms don’t have to be large to feel inviting and beautiful. But you can make your space feel more expensive by hanging elegant mirrors. The mirrors will help reflect light and make the room brighter & feel larger.

4. Display Artwork

Artwork is a key component of a luxury hotel room and gives your bedroom extra personality. You can use many different rare artworks, like paintings, sculptures, etc., in your room to display large framed or canvas pieces. A large abstract piece is an excellent choice if you are drawn to a modern aesthetic. At the same time, you can consider hanging a framed landscape if your style leans more traditional. Moreover, you can also use black & white figure drawings which are also quite chic.

5. Use good Lighting options

According to many experts, lighting should be soft, moody, and attractive. The good lighting option can make your bedroom more attractive and feel like a 5-star hotel room. You can use cove lighting or indirect lighting, like lamps with soft fabric shades.