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Taking Control Of Your Focus with Jonathan Kung MD



Taking Control Of Your Focus with Jonathan Kung MD

Jonathan Kung is a young Gastroenterologist and entrepreneur who understands the value of a well rounded lifestyle. His passion for people, healthcare, general health & wellness, fitness, social media networking, and fashion all tie together to one common theme – finding your own balance and your own happiness.

He feels blessed to have the opportunity to work as a physician and also connect with people around the world through social media which has given him opportunities to meet people that he would have never had the chance to meet. It has opened his eyes to the possibilities and his views on life. Jonathan credits his career choice as a physician, where he has met thousands of patients in various stages of their lives, as a path that has allowed him to mature quickly, appreciate the value of good health, and really focus on his life goals.

The value of taking time for yourself to pursue your interests and focus on personal care is reenergizing he says. Jonathan encourages his patients and his peers to, “Take control, make time, educate yourself on anything your interested in related and unrelated to your occupation, challenge yourself to achieve your personal goals, and keep your body in shape. The process is revitalizing to the mind and body.” His go-to activities include daily fitness consisting of boxing, soccer, and basketball, networking through social media, motivational speaking, and pursuing his interests in fashion innovation.

Jonathan credits his parents for allowing him to pursue his dreams and opportunities. “My parents are self-made. They built everything they have themselves from the ground up. It is their hard work that has allowed me the time to attend school and focus on academics, try new activities, and always have a home base for recalibration and support. My dad worked as a doorman and my mom played piano for a ballet for many years before working their way up and launching their current careers.” Jonathan states he can never repay them for their support and kindness.

Jonathan is currently looking forward to 2020 where he’ll continue to hone his skills as an attending Gastroenterologist and motivational speaker, extend his outreach on social media, attend New York Fashion Week, travel to Japan for the Sapporo Snow Festival, travel to Central America and the Caribbean for medical missions, and will continue training as a boxer in gyms throughout New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. He will also be fitting in time with family and friends while preparing for weddings of three of his best friends. Jonathan offers this advice, “Live a life that brings you happiness. Surround yourself with the right people who support your dreams. The circle can be big or small. Don’t let your career define your life. Instead, let your life be defined by what excites you. It’ll be different for every person.”

You can find Jonathan on Instagram at jonny_kay, but usually at the hospital!


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