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The best nutrition for endurance sports



The best nutrition for endurance sports

Whatever sport you do, eating healthy and unprocessed food with lots of fruit and vegetables
remains essential.
But each type of sport requires a specific nutritional approach. Endurance athletes often swear by bananas and pasta.

Why is that, anyway? And is that a good choice?

There are lots to learn about sports nutrition, you need a proper nutrition coach, like
sports nutrition from coach levi.

Discover which nutrition is important for endurance sports. Nutrition as an energy source in endurance sports.

Endurance sports require fuel; lots of fuel. Your body gets this fuel mainly from fats and proteins.
However, the stock of fats in the body is extensive. Even those who are thin still have enough
fat to run a marathon. One kilogram of fat contains no less than 9000kcal.
However, your body will never burn 100% fat. It is always a combination of fats and
carbohydrates. And when your carbohydrate supply is exhausted, your cycling or walking pace
drops completely.
Therefore, the best diet for an endurance athlete consists of an average amount of proteins
and fats and a relatively high amount of carbohydrates.

The right carbohydrates as nutrition for
endurance sports

Carbohydrate is a collective term for sugars. But there is a big difference between fast and slow
Fast sugars have a terrible reputation, but they are ideal before, during, or after exercise.
Fortunately, you don't have to eat unhealthy fast food, but plenty of healthy fast sugars can be
taken with you during your training.
Slow sugars are ideal for your main meals. After all, the goal is to replenish your carbohydrate
supply, but there is no rush. Eating fast sugars while you don't exercise would affect your blood
sugar very hard, which is not good.
Healthy fast sugars

Below you will find a list of fast sugars you can take around your training.


Fruit contains fast sugars in the form of fructose and glucose. It is ideal for sports nutrition
because it contains water, vitamins, and minerals.
And the specific minerals in the form of electrolytes (such as magnesium) are essential if you
exercise and sweat a lot.
The banana is one of the most popular fruits on the bike because it is so helpful, but pieces of
apple or grapes are also acceptable. You should eat the latter more calmly after exercise.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit provides just as good energy as fresh fruit but with less water. It is convenient and
tastes wonderfully sweet. Tasty examples are dates, figs, apples, mango, and pineapple.
Muesli bars
A muesli bar usually consists of dried fruit and grains without fiber. You have them in different
flavors, and it is a convenient snack.
Make sure you buy a brand without too many extra syrups and syrups. This can cause an
overload of fructose, which is unhealthy and not always easily digestible.

Rice crackers

Rice cakes are an alternative to the muesli bar. The advantage is that they do not contain
gluten. Dry, they are more challenging to eat. So feel free to choose rice cakes with a thin layer
of (dark) chocolate.

White bread

White bread almost exclusively contains fast sugars. That is why it is not recommended with
every main meal, but it is ideal for endurance sports.
Eating before, during, or right after your workout is best. After training, you can opt for protein-
rich sandwich fillings for a good balance of your macros.

Sweet sandwich filling

Sweet spreads on white bread are a real carbohydrate bomb. The sugars are absorbed quickly,
and the sweet taste makes you want to eat.

Sweet spreads usually come from fruit, such as jam, but honey is also delicate and healthy.
A natural sports drink

Sports drinks come in all sorts. Some contain relatively few sugars and are mainly intended to
hydrate. Others contain more sugars to provide you with maximum energy at the same time.
Many sports drinks are synthetic, so try to find a brand that uses as many natural ingredients as
Healthy slow carbohydrates

These foods mainly contain slow sugars and are ideal for the main meal. Whole meal bread and pasta
Whole meal bread, pasta, spelled, and other grain products often form the basis of nutrition in
endurance sports.
They contain a lot of carbohydrates to replenish your energy supply, but also a lot of fiber. The
sugars are absorbed more slowly and cause fewer fluctuations in your energy than fast sugars.

Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are convenient and load your muscles with energy for the day. Choose
breakfast cereals with no added sugars.
A combination of dried fruit is okay. By the way, you don't have to limit this nutrition to
breakfast for endurance sports. Breakfast cereals are also helpful as a snack or evening snack.


You can make delicious oatmeal porridge from oatmeal flakes. Add some fruit and nuts, and
you have a delicious breakfast. On weekends, the best option is, of course, to turn them into
delicious oatmeal pancakes.
Potatoes and rice
Potatoes and rice, like grains, contain a lot of carbohydrates but no gluten. So they are good
alternatives if you prefer to eat gluten-free. Moreover, both are delicious in a hot dinner and a
cold salad.


Legumes contain a good mix of carbohydrates and proteins. It is, therefore, also an ideal source
of protein for vegetarians and vegans.
The proteins and the fibers ensure a slow absorption of carbohydrates. You can buy legumes
dried or pre-cooked. Some examples are lentils, beans, and chickpeas.



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