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The Connection between the Fresh Air and Clear Skin



The Connection between the Fresh Air and Clear Skin

The beauty industry is experiencing a growing concern for air pollution and its effect on the skin. That’s why it’s no surprise that many experts state the getting an air purifier for your home is a great way to boost your skincare routine. These gadgets will not only allow you to breathe more easily in your humble (or not so humble) abode, but also allow you to take better care of your skin. Here’s how they can help you get the complexion of your dreams.

It can reduce rash and dryness

If you spend a lot of time indoors in spaces with poor ventilation, you can experience dry and polluted air. Pollutants from the air are directly linked to skin irritation like eczema and rash which are not pleasant or aesthetically attractive.

It can reduce rash and dryness

Pollen and other outdoor pollutants can easily sneak into your home and wreak havoc to skin that’s sensitive to skin allergies. While you can turn to lotions and allergy meds, you can also opt for another solution: Provide your home with an air purifier. An air purifier catches the pollutants from the air before they can land on your skin and cause reactions.

It can reduce acne breakouts

Now is the perfect time to remember what your mother used to say: “Don’t touch your face with dirty hands or you can end up with pimples”. Well, your mom was right! However, airborne pollutants work the same causing your skin to break out. Luckily, today you can find amazing home air purifiers on the market that will clear your indoor air in no time. With a good air purifier, the number of bacteria your skin is exposed to will minimize, which can help you get rid of breakouts and end up with clear and glowing skin. Plus, with clear and fresh air, you will feel much healthier in general and be more motivated to boost your skincare routine.

It can slow down the effects of aging

Sure, extreme sun exposure and constant stress play a huge part in inducing the effects of aging. However, there are other factors that shouldn’t be neglected. One of the main reasons to get an air purifier for your home is that it can slow down the skin aging process. All the pollutants from your indoor air such as dust, bacteria, mold, and smoke not only make your skin feel irritated but also cause permanent damage.

It can improve your skin tone

Organic compounds that are created from wood, coal, fuel and tobacco combustion can get onto your skin and break down the collagen and elastin from the cells. Once that happens, you can see the notorious signs of aging such as sagging and drooping. With years, this process occurs naturally, but constant exposure to polluted air will definitely speed up the effects of aging. However, air purifiers can remove these harmful organic compounds from your space before they get the chance to damage your skin. This is how this simple household appliance can help keep you looking young and fresh!

It can improve your skin tone

The abovementioned organic compounds from coal, smoke and wood combustion can also affect your skin pigmentation. What they do is destroy the protective dermal layer of its essential vitamin E that prevents discoloration. If you remove these toxic organic compounds from your environment with an air purifier, you will reduce the amount of oxidation that happens in your skin and keep it looking evenly pigmented and attractive.

Aside from doing wonders for your skin, your practical air purifier will also keep you safe from allergies in your home and help create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Essentially, your air purifier will become your main ally in the fight for clear, beautiful and healthy skin!

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