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The Essentials of Modern Conference Room Design



In the modern business world, a big accent is put not solely to the functionality of office design but the style and aesthetics as well. That’s why modern workspaces tend to be designed in such a way that caters to the needs of the modern workforce. This we can best see in practice when conference room designs are concerned.

A modern conference room – if properly designed – should inspire employees and boost their productivity. Aside from the design, a modern conference room should be equipped with proper furniture and lighting to encourage creative brainstorming session and enforce a positive idea outflow. So, let’s see how you can design your modern conference room to cater to all of these needs.


Invest in the necessary equipment

Your employees will not only need an adequate place where they can collaborate and spend time coming up with new ideas, but they will also need the equipment that will enable them to do so. Since this is the place where important matters are being discussed and important decisions are being made, it’s only natural that this place has all the necessary equipment to make it all possible. Therefore, invest in a whiteboard where your employees can lay out their ideas and a to-do board so that everyone can stay on the right track. Furthermore, create a so-called relaxation zone where your employees will be able to destress and decompress and take those much-needed breaks.


Get creative with the design

As mentioned, the design plays a significant role in this type of setting. While a minimalist, modern design is certainly something you might want to consider, you should make sure that your end result doesn’t look plain boring. That’s why you should consider implementing your brand colors in the modern color scheme by adding small – but functional – design elements in those hues. Furthermore, make sure you add some office plants as well, as they are proven to have a calming and motivating effect on employees.


Don’t overcrowd the space

Many people make the mistake of stuffing too many things in their conference rooms. Realistically, you don’t actually need filing cabinets in this area, nor does it require a full-blown kitchen stand. Instead, you should invest in the right furniture and offer some refreshment options. However, keep in mind that a nice and elegant vending machine is usually more than enough. Furthermore, around or elliptical table is usually a better option as it can seat more people than a plain rectangular one. Finally, you want to make sure that all the attendees in a conference room can easily get up and move around freely.

Get the right type of furniture

A very important aspect of a good conference room design is the furniture you choose to implement in it. Investing in high-quality office furniture pieces, such as ergonomic desks and chairs, will show your employees that you value them and their well-being, which can only make them more motivated to do their best. Furthermore, it has been suggested that investing in good office furniture can even reduce the number of sick days your employees take, as the furniture that supports proper posture reduces various neck and back strains.


Minimize distractions

Various distractions are any workplace’s worst enemies. While it is certainly nearly impossible to get rid of all the distraction entirely, try to reduce them as much as possible. What this means is that you should invest in soundproofing your conference room thus reducing any outside distractions. Additionally, make sure that there are no distractions in the room itself. Finally, you can even choose to encourage your employees to turn off their phones and leave them at their desks every time they need to use the conference room. However, be careful as this may bring the opposite result if not all the employees are down with that suggestion.


Illuminate the space

Poorly-illuminated spaces not only make the people in them feel tired and weary but they also significantly contribute to eye-strain. That’s why you should make sure you invest in a good lighting system to provide your employees with a healthy and bright working environment. Ideally, you should equip your entire workspace with energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Not only will these significantly reduce the overhead costs by reducing the amount of energy they need, but they are also excellent at mimicking natural light which has its own benefits.

When putting together a conference room in your office space and having to decide on the design of the space, make sure you keep these tips in mind. They will help you create a pristine work environment that will not only look good but it will also cater to your employees’ needs. A productive and inspiring working environment will bring numerous benefits to both your employees and your business as a whole.

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