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Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair




Color is a big factor in how to style your hair. Here, we are aware of the power of an excellent dye job; It can make your cut look better and give you more confidence. 


So, whether you want to refresh your roots, change the color of your hair, or change your hair completely, our expert 101 has all the information you need about hair dyeing.

A Quick History Of Hair Color 

Dyeing is not a recent development; People have been changing their natural color to fit the current fashions since time immemorial. Despite the fact that they didn’t have as much to play with back then (sadly, ancient men didn’t get to enjoy mermaid’s hair), everyone still applied DIY dyes to their scalps. Yes, coloring hair dates back a long time.

What To Know Before Dyeing Your Hair?

Have you ever had a bad experience with hair dye? Hey, everyone has the right to one at some point in their lives; You absolutely do not want to hear the term “color correction” after adolescence! 


Therefore, before you head for the nearest DIY dye bottle, listen carefully: The best ways to color hair are listed here.

1. Make An Appointment For A Colorist’s Consultation 

While there is nothing wrong with using coloring books at home, there is more risk involved when professionals are not involved. Additionally, if you want to completely alter your color, you should definitely hire a trained colorist! 


Use your complimentary consultation if you decide to dye your hair at the salon. It is essential that you and your colorist agree on everything; Be sincere about what you want; the procedure might take longer than you anticipate. 


For instance, changing from brunette to blonde is unlikely to be accomplished in one sitting. If you tell your colorist in advance what you want, it will be easier to keep your expectations in check; If you want to get the hair color you want, a 15-minute consultation is the best time to work together on a look, color, and style.

2. Consider Maintenance And Upkeep 

Unfortunately, no hair dye lasts forever. While there are ways to prolong the salon freshness of color-treated hair, you will eventually need to refresh it. 


The following is essential to keep in mind: All hair colors are not the same. To put it another way, some colors require more upkeep than others.


a. Scheduling More Frequent Appointments

In general, maintaining blonde hair can be a little more challenging, particularly if you have brunette hair. 


You should anticipate scheduling more frequent appointments at the salon if you want to maintain your platinum blonde; Root touch-ups should be done every four to twelve weeks, depending on how blonde you want to be and how dark you are naturally.


b. Sometimes Using Masks

Be prepared to spend some time using masks or conditioning treatments to rehydrate your bleached hair, which is already dehydrated from the bleaching process. Consider how much time you are willing to spend maintaining your color. 


If you’re the kind of person who likes to get up and go, you might want to go with something that’s easier to maintain.


3. Think About What Will Work Best

When browsing Pinterest, it’s easy to get carried away. Instead, think about what will work best for you. We’d all look good in every color in an ideal world; Sadly, there is a little bit more to it than that. 


The complexion determines color; If you pick a color that doesn’t go well with it, you’ll look washed out. Before anything touches your scalp, ask your stylist or find out which colors will look best on you.


You should also consider how your cut and color reflect your personal style and whether the color you want will fit your lifestyle (for instance, would you be able to wear a bold blue to work?) and commitments. 

4. Do Your Homework And Document It!

The world of hair coloring can be a confusing one—ash grey, marshmallow, espresso, ruby fusion, and so on. Color lingo can mean different things to different stylists; Swatting up ahead of time will ensure that you leave the salon with the shade you really want. 


Look online for inspiration; When you get to the salon, you can provide your colorist with some visual cues by creating a Pinterest board or saving some Instagram photos to your phone. 


You could even save images of something you really don’t want, which is especially helpful if you’re changing your color completely but aren’t exactly sure what shade.


5. Apply A Hair Mask The Day Before

You should apply a hair mask the day before the color job to properly hydrate your hair and get it ready for the process. Masks and deep conditioning treatments are preferable at this point; 

Using one immediately after could make your color fade. 


In point of fact, if you want the color of your hair to last longer, you should wait a few weeks before using any heavy treatments on it.