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TINTS Goes All Day x All Night



TINTS Goes All Day x All Night

Screens are everywhere. I imagine my day reflects that of most people who are under the age of 60. Wake up, check emails, Go to work, stare at the computer screen for most of the day. Get home, scroll social media, watch TV, and end the day scrolling my phone before finally shutting off the lights. Then scroll some more cuz what if I missed something? If you’re like me, you’ve wondered “Is this harming my eyes or my brain?” 

There’s a very real possibility it is. Researchers studying blue light’s effects on the brain have discovered that it causes poor sleep habits, increase in eye strain and fatigue, and reduces productivity at work. But the effects maybe even worse. Pediatricians now recommend extremely limited screen use for infants under two years old for concerns over brain development. In Vitro Studies reveal potential damage to photoreceptors cells in the back of the eye (retina) as well. This could mean early development of macular degeneration, or earlier cataract formation. What is one to do? 

Enter the team from TINTS Eyewear; Two young eye care professionals from Canada, up to date on the latest science and with a drive for delivering quality eyewear. TINTS has developed Blue light-blocking, tinted glasses with 100% UV protection. You literally don’t need to take these off. The titanium frame is so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. The lenses are tinted, but not in the way that typical “gamer glasses” are. The light rose or yellow tint enhances contrast, and reduces glare, relaxing the eyes. In fact, rose-tinted lenses are often prescribed by eye doctors for people who suffer from headaches. The blue light blocking function protects the eyes from harmful high energy blue light (which we are bombarded with every day). Better still, these glasses actually seem to enhance one’s appearance. They hide the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Perfect to wear to work after a Taco Tuesday went full loco. Relax the eyes, enhance the style. True to the brand slogan TINTS goes all day x all night. 


Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine